Things Can Change Fast

This morning I was hearing Mom's soft little laugh as
we watched "I Love Lucy" in her hospital room.
She held her hand over her stomach where she had the
first back surgery.
Her laugh made me smile.
THEN...... the surgeon came in!
He explained that the surgery he had planned
in the morning would have been an hour long but
when he looked at the MRI he saw some other things that
need to be done.  He said she could chance it and go home after
a short surgery and see how her pain is or he could go ahead
and do what all that needs to be done and not have to take the chance
that it wouldn't work. He said if he did it all, it would be a 4 hour surgery!
Mom's happy face turned in to a very sad face.
He explained if he did the short surgery and she went home and had pain,
she would have to have a third surgery.
She told him that he could make that call in the morning.
Once he walked out I saw Mom with tears in her eyes.
It broke my heart. She is a very strong woman and I know she will be ok.
(I, on the other hand, am not! I would be balling!)
So I tell you all of this, to ask you all to please continue to pray for my Mother.
I will update you tomorrow on her progress.
Thank you all.....AGAIN!


Holly said…
Oh my. Just think positive. Maybe all of this will prevent another surgery. Sending up prayers that everything will be just fine.
caknitter said…
Sending good vibes your way. I'm so sorry, Val. Whichever surgery your mom chooses, God will be with her every step of the way and everything will turn out fine.
CrochetnQuilt said…
Praying for wisdom to know which decision to make and for a complete healing.
Patty Sumner said…
Oh Val, I am so sorry to hear this. On the other hand, Thank God that the Doc found the other. This means she can get it done all at once and prevent another surgery and heartache if she had gone home and still had pain..I am praying for you and Your Mom. Lord, I just want to lift up to you now Val and her Mom. Lord, You know far more than we do and you knew what was coming up..we trust that you guided the Dr in this new MRI in order that everything could be taken care of all at one time. We also trust that you will be the main Surgeon sitting in on these 4 hours and take control so that everything goes extremely smoothe and non-compicated. We ask that you work in such a wonderful way in this surgery that healing would come quick and all pain will be gone. To you be the glory ahead of time for this great work that you are goig to do. In Jesus Name!
Michelle said…
I'll be here in Iowa praying.
Angela said…
Praying the Big Physcian above will be in the operating room and guide the hands of her surgeon. And that God will give you stength and peace as you wait it out to hear the results. Oh Val, I know,, it hurst so bad when it is our Mohters. We feel like the role is reversed. I have been there. Will be thinking of you .
Susannah said…
Remember the Lord is right there with you and will help you all make the right decision. I know it is so hard. It is really is but just keep saying your prayers. A quiet moment here or there should be said in prayers, He listens to every word you whisper to him. I am praying myself that all will be okay and by tomorrow night the surgery will all be overwith and your dear mother, Alice, will be okay. The Lord has a plan and only he knows that plan. We must abide by what he thinks. He will show you the way. All my heart and soul is praying for Mom's recovery and for the families faith and strength.

God be with you,
Love and prayers,
Sue said…
Sending prayers for your Mum and hugs for you, hope everything goes ok with the surgery...x
EvaLyn said…
Oh, that brought tears to my eyes. Praise God that we have Him to lean on. I too will be praying for her and this trial.
I hope she chooses to do the longer surgery so hopefully it will be the last and she can finally begin to feel better. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.
Mama Bear
Allie said…
Praying, praying - and keep watching Lucy - Lucy is good for what ails you, unless you've just had your appendix out and it hurts like fire to laugh [true story]. Keep us posted.