A Little About Me

I haven't been the best blogger in a while! That is for sure! But my friend Connie gave me an award! I told her that I am not a very interesting person but agreed to answer her questions!  Thank you Connie! Here goes:

1. When did you start blogging and what inspired you to blog?
This is an easy question.  When I first discovered blogs, I found Connie's blog and fell in love with her blogging style, her quilting, her knitting, and her music.  She is the inspiration behind me starting my blog.  When I visit her, I felt like I was really sitting on her couch just visiting an old friend.  I actually didn't think of me blogging first but thought of my Mom. I called her and told her that I thought it would be a wonderful gift to us (her children and grandchildren) and she said she would start one if I did. And that was the beginning of my blog! I LOVE blogging!

2. How did you learn to quilt?
 I watched my Granny quilt the old fashioned way. It was her passion.  She wanted to sell them but sold very few until I introduced them on my blog and sold all her quilts. She was so happy. Granny is gone now. I miss her terribly.  I am thinking of revisiting some of my visits with her on my blog.

3. Do you enjoy cooking?
  Oh I LOVE cooking! It is my passion! I am an old fashion cook but my "sweet hunter" sure loves it!  I am wanting to branch out and do some new recipes this year.  My favorite thing to do is cook for my family! When we all get together, all my girls bring a dish or 2. They are very good cooks!

4. What is your favorite travel memory?
  I have never traveled anywhere but Florida, Gatlinburg Tennessee, Helen Ga., Blairsville, etc.  Just places around here. I am not one that really likes to stay in motels. When I do, I bring a bed bug cover that goes on the mattress and usually bring my own sheets.  But for 2 years we leased a little shack in the woods in Sparta Ga.. It sat on 100 acres of hunting land.  We fixed it up with our own bed and had a little home away from home. I LOVED that! I miss it! We are hoping to get another place one day. It was like camping out but with heat and air and my own king size bed!

5. City or country?
 I'm a country girl at heart but just bought a house in the city! I've always had a garden and we've always had land. But at this point in our life, we just wanted less work.  We will still have a garden, just on a smaller scale.

6. What is your favorite TV program or series?
 I love Lucy! The Waltons! Little House on the Prairie! Dallas! Everybody Loves Raymond! King of queens!

7. Did you have a part-time job while you were in high school?
 Yes, my first job was at Cracker Barrel as a waitress! My best friend in high school, Cindy and I thought we were the stuff!  We were so proud of our tips!!!

8. How old were you when you learned to knit?
Well, I haven't learned yet. I have bought a kit and have been watching you tube videos but knitting is on my bucket list!

9. Tea, coffee, or neither?
 Tea!!! I wish I liked coffee but I don't. I love to smell it.

10. Do you enjoy watching sports?
  Not normally but if it is something like the Super Bowl, the world series or something like that, I love it! Or if the score is close, I love that! My "sweet hunter" was a football player in high school and he doesn't even watch much of it. He loves DIY or HGTV or hunting shows

11. Do you belong to a mini-group?
 I did attend a crocheting class at the senior center here in our town for a while. I am actually planning on starting back next week! I LOVED it when I went. A good friend of mine is the teacher which made it much more comfortable for me.

Now, to complete the award rules, I'll try to list the eleven random things about myself! Some of these may be things I've written about myself long ago on previous blogs.

1. I am a procrastinator.  I can't help it. I just am.

2. I don't like clutter.  I don't mind an unmade bed every once in a while but most days it is made.

3. I am a wannabe.  I see all these things that I want to do or make but I just keep looking and looking, and not doing much of it. 

4. I can do anything if someone shows me how! It may take me a while but I love a challenge.

5.  I am not a shopper! If I go shopping, I know what I want and get out of the store.

6. I am very frugal.

7. I LOVE home! It is my priority.

8. My only goal in life was to be a good wife, a good mother, and a good grandmother. I never wanted to be anything else. That is the highest calling ever.

9. I love being with my family.  I love it when it is noisy and busy with all my kids and grandchildren.  Don't get me wrong...I love my quiet time too.

10. In 34 years of marriage I can honestly say my only complaint about my husband is he doesn't straighten up the hand towel after using it!  He is a perfectionist. I am not. He says his only complaint about me is that I have a problem closing the cabinet doors all the way in the kitchen!! lol We are funny!

11. I am so glad that I am not what I used to be. I am not what I want to be but I am not what I used to be thanks to my Lord! I am so thankful that I know, that I know, that I know.

I leave you with a picture of me and my high school best friend, Cindy. We actually got to visit this week. She lives out of town so we don't see each other often.  
It was so nice to see her. We sat and talked for a long time. 
We also visited another classmate that is in a rehab facility.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for being a good sport and doing this award question list. Now I know more about you!
Becky Garrison said…
What a great post! How is it that I knew you were a 'wannabe'??? LOL!
Cindy said…
Loved this post!!! I remember like it was yesterday us being waitresses at Cracker Barrell!! I was just telling my Mary Kay sisters all about that! Thanks for the talk we had and the encouragement you gave me! I have always admired you!! Love you!
Cindy said…
Loved this post!!! I remember like it was yesterday us being waitresses at Cracker Barrell!! I was just telling my Mary Kay sisters all about that! Thanks for the talk we had and the encouragement you gave me! I have always admired you!! Love you!
Holly said…
What a neat post! I am not a coffee person either. I will take tea any day! Enjoyed learning more about you!
Patty Sumner said…
Congrats on your award..Sure learned lots about you. We could watch TV together..I love all those shows...It is always a blessing to meet old friends.. How is the house coming..I am moving again...just bought an old farmhouse and needs lots of TLC. Please pray that our other home sells...Good to read your post. Blessings!
Patty said…
Val, I love this.... we are so much a like. Everything from tv programs to wanting to be in life. I remember my senior year in my English class. Our teacher ask what we wanted to accomplish in life. My answer was this: I am going to get married the following month of graduation. I wanted to be the best wife and mother, I could possibly be....
The teacher said: You don't want to continue your education or get a job ? My answer was: No, just want to be a housewife. (All the other classmates busted out laughing... Now, what was so funny about that ? I still don't know... tee hee )
Susannah said…
Oh, it's so nice to learn a few more things about you, Sweetie. You are such a nice person...it is intesteing to hear about what you believe in and how you live. Enjoyed this so much.

P.S. - say hi to Mom for me!