Special Things!

When Mom got out of her first surgery,
 I was able to show her this beautiful card!

My sweet blogging friend, Becky made this and sent it to my Mother!

Look at all this beautiful detail!

Thank you, Becky  from the bottom of my heart!
Mom loved it and so did I!

When Mom was at my house, I tried to keep her busy doing things
that would keep her mind busy. My daughter and Grandchildren
brought her puzzles to do.

My best friend, Vicki came over and refreshed Mom's memory
on crocheting. My grandmother had taught Mom when she was a little girl
but Mom said she never pursued it. When Vicki showed her a few stitches
Mom picked it right up.  Vicki also brought us potato soup and her famous cornbread!
It was delicious! Thank you Vicki for your time and the food!
My Sweet Mother in Law came and brought Mom some books!
And my sister in law brought Mom a wonderful delicious chocolate pie
Thank you both!

I tried to keep Mom busy as much as she was capable of doing.
I taught her how to do some chicken scratch embroidery.
I took her to Walmart to get some exercise.
I took her to a park and let her walk some.
We took her to a mexican restaurant to eat out.
All my children and grandchildren came to see her.
Some of my children wanted to see her for her birthday so we all pulled together
and made this wonderful dinner for her.
Now she's at home and very happy and doing well!
You know there is no place like HOME SWEET HOME!
Thank you all for your prayers, emails, gifts and visits!
And thank you to all that offered to bring food and visit.
It meant a lot to me!


Becky Garrison said…
Oh Val, how sweet of you! I didn't make pictures of the card and tags, so it was nice to see it again! So happy your Mom is feeling better ... give her my best! Becky
Marydon said…
Wonderful news about your Mother, Valerie. So glad she was kept busy & had the family to surround her. You are the best ever ...

Susannah said…
Hello there...It is wonderful good news to hear Mom is doing so well. I am so glad she is able to be home. There is nothing better than Home Sweet Home! The card from your friend is so sweet. What a nice way to send a remembrence of good wishes. I loved it. I hope you are getting settled now and having a little time to relax and enjoy.

Oh, how wonderful Mom is back crocheting. Isn't it funny how all the old "arts" are coming back?

Love ya, Susannah
Anonymous said…
I've been thinking of you and your sweetheart mother many times and wondering how things were progressing. It's wonderful that she is doing so well.
My mom has been ill for a few weeks (started last summer then she improved for a while) and my family and I have been hanging together to be supportive and visit her. I've spent a lot of time "down home" with them and will be going back again. It's hard to watch our own mother be ill and not be able to do much to help.
Joy Bennett said…
Glad your Mom is doing so well.God is good !
Shauna said…
Wonderful news! So glad to hear that your mom is coming along well. You are right, there is nothing better than home, sweet, home. Sending hugs to you and your mom.
Sarah Beth said…
Praise the Lord! Your mom is getting better. God is so good. I've been praying for you both. Putting her picture on the blog and following her progress has been helpful so I could get to know your mom a little.I'm so so happy for you both:-)
caknitter said…
So happy to read your mom is doing great! Bless you all. :-)
Dot said…
So glad to hear that "Mom" is doing so much better She is so lucky to have you for a daughter.
Pen Pen said…
What a sweet card and that birthday meal looks fantastic. Glad your mom is back home and doing so well! I'm sure it's been a journey for you all.
Needled Mom said…
I'm so happy that she is now home and doing so well. That is great news.
bettyj said…
That is wonderful news. I try hard to pray for all in blogland that request it. I love to get the follow ups. May she continue to get stronger.
Diane said…
I am glad to see that mom is doing so well. You are such a good daughter. I am also glad to see the blog again :)
Allie said…
I'm very happy to hear she's doing so well, Val! She looks so beautiful!