Our family never ceases to amaze me!
With the death of my son in law's brother,
we needed to help with the babies a lot during this time.
Between me and my other 2 daughters we pulled together
this beautiful salad.....

Spaghetti Casserole.....

Bread Sticks.......

My Best Friend, Vicki (she is family) brought this delicious chicken casserole........
And this out of this world chocolate cake!!!! 

Can you tell this little one enjoyed the spaghetti?
Isn't this a beautiful arrangement?
Our daughter is taking the Bible and putting her
brother in law's name on it
for his mother.
I didn't get pictures of all the food that was brought in to them
but their friends were so generous with the gifts of food.
It is times like this that you realize how much family and friends mean.
Thank you for all the prayers for them.
Prayer Request
My best friend just called and asked me to ask my blogging &
facebook friends to pray for her father in law.
He is very very sick in ICU.
She knows how I have depended on you all for prayer before,
and we all know that prayer changes things.


Marydon said…
Beautiful bible presentation & yes, prayers will be lifted for all.
Hugs, Marydon
Patty Sumner said…
It all looks wonderful.. Yes, these are all special blessings...What a special family you have. Have said a prayer for your friends father..agreeing with her for her dad...Blessings!
Michelle said…
Beautiful. Prayers were said.
Needled Mom said…
Family is a blessing. I am sure it has been a most difficult week for all. Offering up prayers, Val.
Anonymous said…
Isn't it amazing how comforting food is in times of mourning. Food brings us together. Sunday was a viewing and Monday was the funeral for my son in law's great uncle who was a true man of God~ I'm so sorry for your loss~ ♥
I am so sorry for your family's loss, Val. Keeping everyone in my prayers.
So sorry to hear about this young man's passing...

Praise that your Mom is doing well. She has been on my mind recently.
Mama Bear
Susannah said…
Everyone joins together in need. I know it has not been a good week for your family...please know I am praying.