Thursday, February 28, 2013


I went to see Mom and took her to lunch today.
She is amazing considering the 2 surgeries she had!
Mom always inspires me! She was showing me her quilt that she
is working on. (I wanted to take pics but figured she might want to
put it on her blog one day). Then she ran across this purse that
she made a while back.  It is the cutest thing. The one thing I can say about Mom
is when she starts something she always finishes it unlike me!!!

This is my sister, Karen and her 1st grandbaby!
She is having a ball being a grandmother!
Thanks to Karen, we all got our lunch free today!
We ate at Olive Garden and when we paid, they lost Karens
debit card! When they came out to tell her they could not find it, they
said that she could have her lunch free!
Well, if you know anything about me, I am not going to sit there
and not ask for mine and Moms too.
I hinted to the manager that since we had to wait so long that we should have ours free too.
And he did it!
And as we were about to leave, they found Karens card!

After leaving Mom's organized house, I decided to come home
and clean out my craft bag! I haven't really done much since we moved.
I have been wanting to find my knitting needles and the book to learn how to do it.
I thought it was in this bag!
Can you believe that all this was in this bag?

And all this!!!!

This is getting embarrassing!!!

This is now my empty craft bag!
My daughters bought this for me at Christmas!
I LOVE it!
But my knitting kit was not in there!

But I did find it!
It was in a cabinet!
At least I have my bag cleaned out now and I have my
knitting needles!
Now lets see if I can learn how!

Prayer Request
Remember last night when I asked you to pray for my best friends father in law?
Well, Heaven has another angel now.
Please pray for the family as they go through this.
It is always sad for us, but heaven is rejoicing!


Becky Garrison said...

Val, your Mama looks so good! God is so good!!!

I have that exact same bag except in a different fabric, and you haven't seen anything! Mine is so packed ... it is fairly well organized, but packed to the hilt! I keep my main scrapbooking tools in it to take to the local scrapbooking store, Altered Angel.

Holly said...

Glad your mom is doing good. Wow. Can't believe they lost her debit card. That's crazy! At least you got a free lunch too and they found her card. I use a bag just like that for my craft bag too. Don't you just love Thirty One? I could be addicted to their bags! Have a good weekend!

Patty Sumner said...

Oh Val, I am so sorry about your friends father...So glad he knew the Lord..that..Your Mom looks great. she is such a trooper! I am not the best at organization myself..I try, but not always successful..Blessings to you!

Susannah said...

Hi Val, Your Mom looks great . Tell her I love the colors of her jacket! Good luck with your knitting. I do like to knit but sewing is my thing right now or embroidery. Do you crochet anymore? I know it was causing problems with your hand. I am sorry about your friend's father. Prayers will be said for his family.

Take care and blessings to you,

Pen Pen said...

If I was your sister, I think I would cancel that debit card and get a new one. I had someone order an Ipad with mine back in December... we are still dealing with the fraud charge and all that jazz. You can't be too careful!! Your mom is amazing... very determined. We could all learn from her!!

Mama Pea said...

Your dear mother looks WONDERFUL! All of the females in your family are beautiful. You, your sister, your mom, your daughters . . . it's evident you all received blessings inside and out!