Remember Granny?

I have had Granny on my mind a lot lately.
I was thinking that I might repost some pictures of her
once a week or so.

I remember when Granny had this big stack of quilts.
She worked so hard on making the quilts and
hoped to sell them but only sold a few at Christmas
until I introduced her quilts to you bloggers!

This is her little gas fireplace and mantle.
I used to love taking pictures of things around her house.
I loved the simplicity of how Granny lived.
I still think of it all the time.

Don't ask me why I took pictures of her little feet.
But I did.
I am glad I have these pictures now.

Granny's quilts were plain and simple but still live on
even though my little Granny is in heaven.
I would not take anything for my pictures and memories
of Granny.
I hope when I am gone that my children and grandchildren
will have something to remember me by.
Join me every weekend as I celebrate my Granny's life by remembering her.
Who can find a virtuous woman?
 for her price is far above rubies.
Proverbs 31:10


Becky Garrison said…
She would love that you are still honoring her by your thoughts and talking about her on your blog. B.
Patty said…
Val, this is how I found you online. I was searching for quilts that Granny made. (A lot of beautiful, traditional quilts are made by Granny's...) I downloaded each of your Granny's pictures of herself, on my hardrive. I have "major clinical depression" and the fast paced lifestyle of people today and me, just don't mix. The purpose of me saving and looking at her pictures, is to realize there is a much more simplier lifestyle. I can look at her house, her clothes, her quiilts and... just a peace comes upon me. Hey, I got a new, online friend out of this,also. YOU !!!
A beautiful, talented lady. I know you miss her, Val.
Anonymous said…
I TOO have been thinking about Granny!!! Oh how glad I am that you've been thinking of her, and reposting some pictures! PLEASE post more and tell us more stories! Her life is so inspiring. I remember her simple breakfast every day and how she kept her kitchen simple and clean! She meant so much to all of us because of you Val!!! It is YOU that has brought this beautiful woman to so many of us! It is YOUR love that has settled in our heart!!! You saw Granny's value when many others might not have...and I am so thankful...because you and she have blessed us so much!!! I'll look forward to more pictures and stories! ♥♥♥
I love your Granny and am sad that I found her too late. I would have loved to have bought one of her quilts. She was so precious and I know you are so glad to have such wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing them. I will be looking for more. :)
caknitter said…
I cherish my Granny Quilt. :-) I'm looking forward to every post about Granny. :-)
Susannah said…
Wouldn't she be pleased to think her granddaughter was still honoring her? She certainly was a sweetheart and I know you miss her very much, Val.

Shelly said…
You would be surprised how often I think about Granny. I was lucky enough to get two Granny quilts. They mean the world to me.
Thank you Val, for bringing Granny to the internet for us all to enjoy.
Pen Pen said…
I wish I had known your little Granny. And I would have def. bought one of her quilts!! I love the little feet pic....those are the things you wish you could see one more time. :))
Diane said…
I love my Granny quilt!!! I work part time for a company called Visiting Angels. I am working with a woman now that is 98 yrs old. She is amazing. She takes no meds, has her own teeth and gets around with her walker. She still has cards at her home and still goes to mass on sunday mornings. I think of Granny sometime when I am up there. Amazing how some people are when they get older! Love ya and love Granny.
Rhonda said…
Of course I remember your granny, she was so much like my grandma and my mimi. Such sweet ladies!
Hope you are fine, we are getting back to normal here.
Connie said…
Good pctures of Granny, memories are so good to have, Thanks for shareing Granny with us, looking forward for more!!! I am a granny to my grandkids, and love every minute of it. Have a great day!!
Krista said…
I was reminiscing today too! It's hard to believe that so many years have already passed.

I love you! I hope to see you soon.