Apple Dumplings

My Mom had told me that she made the most delicious dessert
and it was apple dumplings.

Cut your apples in to quarters and wrap the
crescent roll dough around each apple and
place in a sprayed baking dish.

Mix Sugar & butter.
Remove from heat and add icecream.

Then pour this yummy sauce over the apples.

Then you bake for approx. 40 minutes in 350* oven.

Serve hot with icecream.
Oh my goodness!
It is delicious!
After Mom had told me about this, I saw it on my friend Heidi's blog.
For her recipe you can click Here!

Next time you get aggravated with someone remember this quote.
"Don’t expect people to be perfect. It’s not fair to them,
and it will be a source of frustration for you."
Joel Osteen


Patty Sumner said…
Val, you add ice cream to the mixture. Now that is new...sounds yummy. My recipe has a can of Mt Dew instead of ice cream..Now, I want apple dumplings.. Your Mom is a Sweetheart. Blessings!
Holly said…
Sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing.
Needled Mom said…
I always do the Mountain Dew one too. They sound yummy.
Rhonda said…
I've seen that recipe and heard it was good, but never cooked it, yet!
Glad you shared it and glad your mom is well and home and having dumplings
caknitter said…
Wow, that dessert looks delicious and so simple to make. Thanks for sharing. I happen to have the apples but not the ice cream. I guess a trip to the store is in order. :-)
Susannah said…
Hi Val, Thank Mom for the great recipe. These Apple Dumplings look delicious!!! I like this easy recipe. It is different with the ice cream added in.

By the way, I think highly of Joel Osteen! (Great words of advice.)

Peace, Susannah
Shauna said…
I can sum your dessert up in one word 'YUM'. Looks amazing and I'm sure it tasted and smelled wonderful! How is your mom doing?
Oh, wow! I do miss Mayfield ice cream! Out here in the west, we have some good ice creams, but nothing to compare with Mayfield--unless they've changed their recipes in the 25 years I've been gone!
Becky Garrison said…
OH MY GOODNESS! This looks delicious! Will definitely have to try these.
Anonymous said…
These do sound yummy. I've never made apple dumplings but have tried them once or twice and they were so good. :)
Rebecca said…
I have NEVER made apple dumplings. How fabulous they look and how CUTE you are!

Yep...painted the suitcase you asked about. I want ice cream and MORE!

Heidi said…
I'm so glad you love them too! They are almost too good.