Mama Days!

My Mom is doing so good since her 2 surgeries!
I invited her to lunch and when I got there
she asked me if I wanted her to drive!
Yes, she is driving!!!
Thank the Lord!

She suggested a place called Soup or Salad!
(might not be the name exactly)
But it was so good!
Salad, pasta salads, soups, macaroni & cheese, etc.
The mac & cheese was the best!!!
After we left there I was telling her about a couple of things I
needed for a recipe I was going to make.
Thats how I told mom what I needed.
She immediatley pronounced the word correctly
and told me that she knew exactly where to go.

I also needed Bruschetta bread!
She took me to a Fresh Market to get both of these!

Then after shopping at JoAnns and Hobby Lobby,
we went back to her house and she had this magazine laid out
for me with the most beautiful table runner in it with instructions
how to make it!
It will be perfect for my farm table!

Also, laying on the table was this picture.
It is my Mom at her first piano recital!
I hope she does a blog on this and tells the story behind it.
I LOVE this!

She also had this picture for me.
Isn't she beautiful?
And you can't see me in this picture but
I was in her tummy!!!!
Thank you Mom for these pictures!
They are priceless to me.
It was a wonderful day with my Mom!

The next day I spent with my other Mama!
This is my Mother In Law!
We call her Grandmother.
She just moved in her condo this past weekend.
She is so excited!
She is 82 years young and is a wild thing!
She keeps us all hopping!
She wanted to go shopping for a few things
that she needed since she moved.

Walmart, 3 mattress places, Meander Shoppe, Trendy Consignments,
Kmart twice, Providence, TJ Max, Big Lots!
Normally Grandmother is not a shopper
but today she was!

Oh yes! I almost forgot! She wanted to get her hair cut!
I'm telling wore me out!
Grandmother was in a shopping mood!!! lol
But I am so thankful for both my Mom's!
They are so good to me!
Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.
Exodus 20:12


Becky Garrison said…
You are lucky to have 'both' your mama's! I got such a sweet card from Miss Alice today ... will you please tell her how much I appreciate it!
Diane said…
You are truly blessed to have not only one, but two mom's. My mother in law has passed away. I sure do miss her. My own mom has so many health issues, she is really hard to get out of the house. She is going to have shoulder surgery in the next few months and maybe she will feel more like it. I miss having my mom to hang out with :(
Val, this is such a beautiful post about two very beautiful ladies. Thank you for sharing them with us.
Angela said…
Such a sweet post Valarie. Your Mom was beautiful as a young lady and she still is. So glad you had a good day spent together. Will have to look for the new Create and Decorate Mag. Lunch sure looked good. You are blessed to have a good mother in law. WOW,,,, she would have worn me out too. Now Holly, she would have been in hog heaven doing all that shopping. She is a professional when it comes to shopping. {smile} You are blessed to have to wonderful Moms in your life. Enjoy the weekend and rest up from your outing.
Michelle said…
You are truly blessed!
annie said…
So happy for you, so thankful things are going well for both of them! have a great weekend.
Susannah said…
Hi Val, What a wonderful and sweet post. Your Mom looks wonderful...just as pretty as ever. It is so nice that the two of you can go to lunch and shopping together. I always loved doing that with my dear Mom. And then to have a MIL that is so chipper and busy, too. You are blessed. Now Jim and I are the the oldest and it does bother us. But I am glad to see both your Mom and MIL are happy and content.

How are you feeling?

Love ya,
Holly said…
Wow. You have been a busy girl! So glad to hear your mom is doing great! I've never heard of that place but it looks delicious! Your MIL sounds fun! We would get along just great with all that shopping! :) Have a good weekend.
Anonymous said…
What a blessing to have both these women in your life~ I sure miss mine! I find almost anyone wears me out when it comes to shopping. My hubby loves to shop, and I hate it~! I'm the type that runs in to get exactly what is needed and then out the door in 5 minutes~ Nice day for all of you though~! ♥♥♥ Love the picture of your mom at the piano. That is one to be enlarged and framed.
What sweet Moms, both of them. You are fortunate indeed to have such amazing ladies to keep you 'on your toes'.
Praise the Lord! That is great news.
Mama Bear
Your mon is still as beautiful as ever. You are very blessed to have two seet mamas.