Revisiting Granny October 16, 2008

I went to see my Granny again the other day. I found her in the kitchen cooking her a little lunch. She had a little pan of okra frying on the stove and was making herself a little salad. She was very glad to see me. She had made me something. Well, actually it was for "My Sweet Baby Grandson" that is due in December. She had made a baby quilt for him. She asked me to give it to "My Sweet Daughter, Mandy" for her. It is so beautiful & simple, but just to know that she made it means the world to me. Granny is about to turn 95 next week and still quilting! Mandy came over today. I haven't got to see her in a couple of weeks. She is so cute. She hasn't put hardly any weight on at all. She is all baby. He will be here before we know it. I gave her the quilt and she was so excited. My Granny made this little quilt in about half of a day. Just think, my 95 year old granny made this baby quilt for her great, great, grandson that is not even born yet. She is really amazing!


NanaNor's said…
Hi Val, what a wonderful memory of your granny and the sweet quilt she made for your daughters baby. I am a quilter and hope I'm quilting for many years to come. What a keepsake! Thanks for sharing.
Needled Mom said…
Very sweet, Val. I still use my Granny quilt all the time.
Susannah said…
Such sweetness, Val!
Anonymous said…
I love these stories!!! That baby quilt is really precious now! ♥♥♥
Anonymous said…
What a precious memory of your sweet Granny. : )
I sure miss the posts about your sweet Granny. Is your Dad still quilting??
I know you must miss her dreadfully.