Without A Doubt

My Best friend, Vicki made these dish cloths for me!
I just love them!
Notice the "V"....she didn't plan that!
She also brought me this for my shoulder.
It really has helped a lot!
She brought me another project to work on too!
I hope I can do this.
It will look so cute in my kitchen!
Look at this beautiful chicken scratch that Vicki is working on.
She is on her 4th block now!
Isn't it gorgeous?
Her plans are to make a quilt out of these blocks.
I cannot wait to see this quilt!
Yesterday was family and friends day at Church.
The message was about the man on the bed that was lowered down
through the roof by his friends so he could be healed by Jesus.
Our Pastor told us that if we had friends that would do that for us
we were truly blessed.
I know that Vicki would help to get me on the roof
and lower me down so I could be healed.
It means a lot to have a friend like that.
This post is about Vicki, but I have to tell you that
my friends Rachelle S. & Florene G. & Retha B.
would be there helping too!
Without a doubt, I am blessed.


John 15:13 - Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.


Becky Garrison said…
How blessed you are to have friends like that! Have fun with the rooster!
Anonymous said…
You made me tear up reading this post. You are absolutely right I would do whatever it would take to get you closer to the healer and I know without a doubt in my heart that you would do that for me, too. We are both so blessed of the Lord to have this special friendship. Don't know what I would do without you in my life! Love you so! Vicki
Shauna said…
I too am very rich in friendship as God has blessed me with some wonderful friends. I haven't done chicken scratch since high school and remember enjoying it very much. Enjoy working on your project for your kitchen!
Susannah said…
Vicki has been your dear friend for a long time. Yes, you are truly blessed.And it was so nice of her to bring the dish cloths and the rooster stitchery...looks like french knots on the rooster. Fun! And he would look excellent in your kitchen. I pray you can do it!

The icy/hot patch? Let me know how that works. I have always wondered about using them on my back and now with the Fibromyalgia, it might help with that,too.

I hope you have a happy, great day tomorrow and the rest of the week. I am going to do a little sewing!!!

Anonymous said…
You truly have been blessed. Friends are so important in our lives and you have many. XO
Needled Mom said…
Yes....you are blessed!

I love that chicken scratch. Is the chicken done with candlewicking?

You will love those dishcloths.
I studied that same passage recently Val - what a blessing friends are! blessings, marlene
Anonymous said…
How blessed you are to have all the wonderful friends you have, and to have Vicki is such a wonderful blessing!