Mommy Pills?

Did any of you hear the report on the news about "Mommy Pills"?
They were telling that more Mommies today are taking anti anxiety pills and
sleeping pills to help them cope with the every day life of raising children.
You trust your doctor!
But your doctor suggests you take a pill
to help you cope or to help you sleep.
I do know that medicines used properly
are good in most cases.
But to suggest that young mothers take pills
to cope with everyday life just made me sick.
They made it sound so good on the show!
There is more than just street drugs that cause addictions!
Prescription Drugs ruin lives every day.
And they are legal!
They forgot to tell the bad stuff on the show.
They forgot to tell them they could get physically dependant on these.
They forgot to tell them that their body would eventually need more.
They forgot to tell them that these "medicines" change the GABA receptors
in your brain.
They forgot to tell them that when they realized how bad these drugs were
for you and you decided to get off of them that you have to taper off
and will experience very bad withdrawal symptoms.
They forgot to tell them that your skin would burn, you would have palpitations,
chest pain, pain in your head, stomach issues, more anxiety, hair loss, depression,
insomnia, etc. etc. 
Can you tell that I didn't like that news report?
It scares me that they make these drugs sound so good.
I just pray that young women that heard that show
will not think that the "Mommy Pills" sounded good to them.
I pray that they reach out to their family for help instead of pills.
What is this world coming to?
Sorry, just had to vent!



Anonymous said…
Don't be sorry to say something this important.... today's topic was Mommie Pills but many days there are topics thinking people should stand up and say --- wait a minute -- thanks for doing that today!
Anonymous said…
I work the medical field. Every thing you said is so true.
Most people don't have any coping skills, they just want to take a pill to make it better. However, taking one pill just leads to taking another and another...
So sad
Susannah said…
It was good to vent, Val. Things like this should not be ignored. Great post!

Very scary. And because overloaded, overwhelmed moms have no time to research nutrients and options, they'll be more likely to take the drugs their doctors suggest. And for others, the nutrients they need that their drug insurance won't cover will cost so much, they'll succumb to the prescriptions.
The pharmaceutical companies are probably counting on the fact that most of the women who became addicted to doctor-recommended and prescribed amphetamines and barbiturates back in the 60's and 70's got old and died, so a new generation can easily become prey.
Thanks for your vent!
caknitter said…
I watched the same news report and completely agree with you. Doctors prescribe pills too freely. There was a time when these type of pills didn't even exist and everyone seemed to do just fine. I'll bet if they interviewed the young ladies' mothers they would tell you the same.
Everyone struggles but turing to pills should be the last resort. Like you said, they should try to reach out to family and their faith.
Anonymous said…
I'm glad you are passionate about this topic! Good Post, and I hope a young mother reads this or someone helps a young mother that might want to go this route! ♥
lisa said…
YES.... I saw that report. Again the drug companies trying to take control.. It made me sick to see them trying to put band aids on things...Not getting to the root of the problem...

Thank you for sharing it... Lisa
Anonymous said…
This is a very important subject that I wish everyone would read! Yes, raising children is stressful because we want to do it all and time is limited. The care of the children is most important and they should have the best care possible, not a parent who needs something to help them get thru the day! Very good post!
Mama Pea said…
Your post wasn't a rant. It was putting forth sane, sensible, common sense that is so lacking these days.

Big businesses (drug companies) don't care about doing the right thing; they are in it to make money. Period.

If young mothers (and those of us who are no longer young mothers!) are feeling stress, unhappiness and inability to cope, let's work at getting to the base of the trouble and making changes. (Yes, changes CAN be made.) Drugs do not help the basic situation but merely mask it and cause harm in so many ways.
Allie said…
I saw a news report today about Mommy W[h]ine parties. How women are getting together daily to drink wine, because after taking care of kids they need it. WHAT???? They also mentioned the legal drugs everyone's taking too. Something seriously wrong with this world, that doesn't see children as a blessing from the Lord....
Patty Sumner said…
You know I agree totally with you Val! In America today, a pill is the answer for everything. While addiction grows and grows. I think that we as older Moms need to be more real with the younger Moms and let them is hard and being a young Mother is not easy. It would make them feel more normal...rather than thinking they need a pill. I cannot believe that title "mommie pills". Unbelievable...making pills sound "in". Keep on speaking truth. It was a good vent..fresh air.. Blessings!