Guess What We Have?

I asked "Sweet Hunter" what kind of bird this was and he
wasn't sure but suggested it might be a female Rose Breasted Grosbeak!
I didn't think he was right.

So I went to my "go to" bff, Vicki.....
and sent her this picture!
I didn't tell her what "Sweet Hunter" said!
But he was right!
She said she was pretty sure it was a female!

We are so excited!
Just think, we might have babies!!!

I bet he is happy!

Sorry everyone...I can't help myself!
This is so much fun!
3 Male Red breasted Grosbeaks and 1 Female
This is the next thing I want to do.
To hear this bird sing, just click and watch video!
I LOVE it!


How exciting. Beautiful birds.
Marydon said…
She's got a lot of boyfriends ... .chuckle! Lucky yo. Don't know if we have them here.

TTFN ~ Marydon
Susannah said…
Oh...this is so much fun!!!!More birds than in the country!!!!I know it is very interesting.
Becky Garrison said…
That is so fun! You might want to ask your friend, but I think the grosbeaks are just passing through on their way up north, and will not nest until they get to wherever their home is. Here is a link to one of the best bird books ever! And it speaks only to birds of Georgia. I have learned so much by marking on my book a place and date when I have seen the birds, and reading the descriptions. Becky
Rhonda said…
Hope you have a nest full of babies soon
Anonymous said…
What beautiful birds! Love the red breast! Hubby knows his birds~ ♥♥♥
NanaNor's said…
Hi Val, Thank you so much for visiting my blog-it is always a blessing to meet new bloggers! I love birds and have had lots in our yards over the years but here in Colorado, if I put seed out the Grackles will kill the smaller birds-not pretty on my lawn. Thanks for sharing these beautiful birds. I really wish we could have such beauties here-although last year we had house finch babies born on our porch.
I'm anxious to read more about your life.
Hugs, Noreen