A Simple Bird Feeder For A Special Bird

I looked this bird up and it said it was a Red Bellied Grosbeak.
I immediately called my bff, Vicki!
She was as excited as I was!

After researching it I found out the name is actually
Rose Breasted Grosbeak.

Vicki told me that the males come first and makes sure
 it is safe for the females.
Again, she told me that I was lucky to have them.
I've been so excited about all my birds that I thought I would make
some homemade bird feeders.

Pine cones. Peanut Butter. Bird Seed.

I just wrapped a piece of wire around it and hung from limb.

I think he likes it!
This looks like the same pictures as above but it isn't!
I have 3 Rose Breasted Grosbeaks!!!!
Can you tell that I am excited?


Becky Garrison said…
I immediately called my Mama and told her you had special visitors! She LOVES Rose Breasted Grosbeaks! Congratulations ... that is a great - joyful - gift! B.
Anonymous said…
You have some beautiful birds at your "bird sanctuary"! Such a variety. I have found it's hard to get my chores done for watching and taking pics of my birds. Lol! I love it! Enjoy this new hobby of yours! Love ya! Vicki (a fellow birdwatcher).
Susannah said…
Hi Val, I don't blame you for being excited! I would be, too. We had two pairs here last year. I was very excited, too. They were a little bit bigger than I thought they would be. Birdwatchng is a great hobby! We put our hummingbird feeders up today. I hope and pray we get them again this year. Have fun, Val.

Say hello to Mom for me, please.
Needled Mom said…
How fun!!! It looks like a pretty little bird too. I hope the females arrive soon.
Shauna said…
Smiling! They sure are beautiful!