My New Toys!

I am so excited!!!
We moved from 6 acres a few months ago to 1/2 acre!
We were paying someone to do our yard and I told my "sweet hunter"
that if I had a push mower that I would mow our little yard.
We saw this mower in the sales paper and I WANTED it!
The blower was a bonus!

No Motor! No Oil! No gas!
I put this much together but had to have "Sweet Hunters" help!

I LOVE it!
We have a huge blower that takes gas and oil and
you strap on your back.
I just can't do that anymore!
So I got this little electric one.
It is light weight and easy!

I found these sweet pepper plants in 2 gallon containers
with sweet banana peppers hanging off them!

Tomato plants with blooms!

Bell Pepper plants with bell peppers!!!

Slate rock given to us as a gift from a friend!

We're going to do a walk way from one patio to the other!

Our new cushions for one of our outside tables!
My new pots!
Can you see the birds and the nest?

And now they are full of flowers and ivy!
This city life is not much different from country life!
It is a lot less work though!
I know without a doubt we could not have used my new
mower on 6 acres!!! lol


Susannah said…
Hello Val, Sounds like a lot less work and a whole lot of fun to me! We have one of those mowers at daughter's cottage at the lake and it is wonderful. I always wanted one of those electric blowers to keep my sidewalk and porches clean. I can not use the big gas blower anymore either.I am glad that you and your husband are so happy in your new home. Your veggie plants look great and your flowers are so sweet.

Becky Garrison said…
Val, you are such a hoot!!! Love that you find joy in even things such as blowing grass! I am so happy you are enjoying your new home!
Allie said…
I LOVE your new mower, I want one - good exercise! Your new home is really coming along beautifully, Val!
Maria said…
Your new place is looking great...
Wonder how long you will keep up the push mowing ????
You are one busy gal!! I know you are loving your new place.
Shauna said…
Oh, it looks like spring / summer in your neck of the woods!!! As I write this we are getting a dump of snow. I guess the weather can't read the calendar. I, too, have a push mower for my little patch of grass and love it. Enjoy getting your yard in order.
lindsey said…
Looks like you are having a great time in your smaller garden!
Anonymous said…
Val, you remind me so much of my two daughters! No outside work or physical work is too much for them! They seem to love it, and tools are also toys to them! LOL Tools are torture instruments to me!~ See, you are gifted and blessed with your talents and abilities~!!! ♥♥♥
I don't have 6 acres Val but I have a huge yard with lots of trees and roots that come up out of the ground. I'm just glad my husband mows it and I don't have to! blessings, marlene