Getting Our Miracle

There's a MIRACLE in the making!!!
Please keep praying.
My Best Friend (she is the one in the blue shirt)  is off ventilator and feeding tube is out.
She has a long way to go but prayers are working.
What a testimony Vicki will have!!!
She is a miracle!
Thank you for your prayers
from all 4 of us!!!


Holly said…
How wonderful! I have been praying for her and thinking of you! So glad to hear good news.
Michelle said…
Praise the Lord!
Angela said…
Proof that God hears our prayers. So proud for good news for all of you.
Anonymous said…
Oh Val! That is wonderful news...but I will pray for her until she is returned to her family and you~ :) Much love!!!♥♥♥
caknitter said…
Ventilator? Feeding tube? Ohmygosh, what happened to Vicki? So happy to read she is doing much better. I'll include her in my prayers. xo
Susannah said…
Oh..thank the Lord! I will continue to pray for Vicki. I know she means the world to I will pray even harder. God be with you all.

In His name, Susannah
Karen said…
Such good news!
Still keeping her in my prayers Val.

What wonderful News!
Mama Bear
Needled Mom said…
Great news, Val. I missed the post asking for prayers for her so I will start praying for her now.
bettyj said…
Just saw this and I will pray. Know God DOES perform miracles. I have seen 3 in the last year. Never give up.