Need A Miracle

I need your help!
Remember my best friend Vicki (on right)?
She needs a miracle!
I need you to pray!
Pray for her sweet family too.
She is as close to me as a sister ever could be.
We know each others thoughts before we think them.
This is one of our favorite pictures of us together.
Neither one of us can remember what we were laughing at in this picture!
We need a miracle!!!


Holly said…
Prayers sent up!
Susannah said…
Oh, is good that you asked for the prayers...keep asking!! Of course, we will pray for Vicki!!!! I know she is your closest friend. I remember before you saying she was like a wonderful sister to you. May God put his arms around Vicki and protect her , give his love and his strength! Prayers for you, too, Val. Be the best friend you can be.

Sincere blessings,
Marie said…
Praying for both of you. Hugs, Marie
Diane said…
Val, we are praying! I know how best friends are. Kim and are like that, we know each others thoughts too :)
Karen said…
Hi Val...praying for your friend.
Shauna said…
Val, I will be praying for your friend Vicki.
Praying for healing! Blessings, Marlene