North Ga. Mountains

I love old barns.
I believe that we live in the most beautiful area around.

I love tin roofs on anything!

Once a month we go on a business trip and
as we are riding I love to take pictures of things I love.
If you look real close you can see my
reflection while I am taking this picture. (smile).

I would love to know the history behind this little house.

Another view of this little log house.
And another house behind it.
I will check it out next time we are there!

This house is in Helen Ga. right behind one of our favorite restaurants.
Love the house but would not like all those steps!

While we are riding and I am looking and snapping pictures, I often wonder what kind of people lived in the houses. Some have been made in to businesses but once upon a time, this house was someone's dream.

I tried to zoom in but didn't do too good of a job.
This place was gorgeous.
Wonder if they realize how beautiful it is.

But of all the places I saw, this one was my favorite.

Enjoy the little things in life,
because one day you will look back
and realize they were the big things!


These are great shots! I love seeing the older homesteads, especially when we travel.
Anonymous said…
Such pretty houses!

Xoxo Mandy
Connie said…
I like old home places and barn, when I see them I think about the memories behind them and who live there. it is sad when you see some old home places in real bad condition.
like your pictures it is like riding along with you. Have Bless afternoon Connie
Needled Mom said…
What great pictures. That must be a fun drive. That one house reminds me of Gone With the Wind.
Susannah said…
I have to say...I think I like the one you liked the best, too! When I was younger, I wanted a big fancy house but they are too much to take care of now that I want to do other things in my life.

Great pictures.