A Walk To Remember

My neighbor brought me flowers the other day and invited me to
come and take pictures in her yard for a while. So today I did.
Look at this cute walkway she has at the side of her yard.
Can you tell what the stepping stones are?

You are right!
Love it!

They raise Lenten roses.
Hellebores is the other name for these.
I am just learning about these between my neighbor
and my friend Becky.

When you take a walk, you start to think.
Think on these things........
Whatsoever is true, honest and just.
Whatsoever things are pure.....
 Whatsoever things are lovely......
These pictures do not do her yard justice.
My 3 tulip trees are blooming.
God is so good.
The whole earth is full of HIS Glory.
Every flower must grow through dirt.
Good lesson, huh?

Our mind is our Garden
Our thoughts are the seeds
We can grow flowers
Or we can grow weeds.
 God has perfect timing never early & never late.
It takes a little patience & a whole lot of faith!
Don't wait for someone to bring you flowers....
Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul.
If we could see the miracle of a single
flower clearly our whole life would change.


Cindy Wynn said…
Beautiful Val!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the beautiful words!! Love you so much!!
cindy curtis estrada said…
Anonymous said…
Yes! I'll take a walk with you! Can't wait until I can. Beautiful! Vicki
annie said…
those are just beautiful, love the frogs and the quotes!
Anonymous said…
I love what you said, "Every Flower must grow through it's own dirt". That's good. Something beautiful comes out of something ugly. Love your blog Valerie. And I love you. :-)
Anonymous said…
Love what you said, that flowers have to grow through their own dirt. Something beautiful comes out of something ugly. Love your blog and love you too Valerie :-)
Susannah said…
Heavenly flowers, Val. I love knowing that His stamp is on each flower. Fascinating!