A simple life has different meanings to different people.
For me, it is eliminating stuff & stress.
Learning how to relax is something I have found hard to do.
Stress will kill you and stuff will smother you.

Getting to that point of simplicity is a journey, not a destination.
You can be a stay at home Mom (which by the way, is the hardest job ever) or
you could be a person with a career.
It doesn't matter.
It is a work in progress.

You may be a perfectionist.
I am not.
There is no end to trying to have simplicity in your life......
The reward is reaching that goal.

Your home is where you can find that simplicity in the little gifts
that come your way that you might overlook.
What is your goal to living simple?
Pick something little to change.
Flylady says to start with a clean kitchen sink. kind of nice.

Next time you walk in your front door, remember it is your decision
what happens in your home.
Is it a comfortable refuge for happiness?
Just some of my thoughts on living simply.
Home is the best place I know to start.
Behold the fowls of the air; for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they?
Matthew 6:26


Anonymous said…
Having a tidy house does eliminate stress. You are the best housekeeper I know 😊

Little Penpen said…
I'm all about simplicity these days and I am trying to declutter and organize. I try to have my kitchen clean before I go to bed...nothing like waking up to a few dirty dishes! yuk I think having a calm environment is the most important for me... not a lot of tv noise!! I want others to come into my home and feel peace, feel welcome, feel relaxed.
Julie Becker said…
I just stumble across this blog and I absolutely love this post. I absolutely agree with simplifying. I feel so much more stressed when things around me are cluttered and hectic. I have learned to say 'No' and I have given myself permission to let go of clutter that is not benefitting anyone. :) Simple = Serenity!
Susannah said…
I like a tidy clean house, too. But today when I cleaned out the upper shelf in my closet, I decided I was not doing what I set out to accomplish last week!!!!!!! So when I realized this fact , you can bet that whole closet got completely cleaned this afternoon. ! washed the walls and the baseboard, (Jim did the ceiling, cleaned the floor and then started to put some things back in the closet, other things upstairs in my winter closet and many thing went into a pile for the salvation army. So....seeee... I had to get it done I just had to. I feel so much better now and relaxed! No stress tonight!!
I had this discussion with a friend yesterday. Winter is ending and my first spring cleaning task will be to go through our coats and jackets and get rid of all we didn't wear this year while it's fresh on my mind! blessings, marlene
Diane said…
Val, I love your post! They are so inspirational :)
Anonymous said…
I am working on emptying my house of things that seem to block my creativity, and also refreshing my house. Look out this Spring! hugs~