The Vision Of The Desk & Chair

It all started at a wood yard in North Carolina.

He was getting the vision here.
I guess he was thinking....
this could be a leg of the desk.
Then we had to find 3 more.
The legs are cedar and custom cut
just for "Sweet Hunter".

Then he found the top of the desk.
It was a piece of maple.

Then we carried it home.

He set it all up in the garage.
I could see the vision.

At this point is where he went and called his "Cousin Troy",
who is a master carpenter.
He saw the vision too.
He took it home with him.

Then several weeks later he brought it back home to
"Sweet Hunter"!
There was no doubt that "Cousin Troy" saw the vision too.
Oh my!

"Sweet Hunter" was so excited!
We both were!
Then we had to go find a chair that was worthy of sitting behind this gorgeous desk!
Then we had to find the perfect cow hide rug to put it on!
The Vision is Complete!
Isn't it gorgeous?
The picture does not do it justice!
When "Sweet Hunter" got it back,
He said it was perfect.
He said he hoped that one day it would be an heirloom
that our children would keep forever
because he had a vision.
It all started in a wood yard but it is priceless to us!
Thank you to "Cousin Troy"!!!!
"Sweet Hunter" had the dream and "Cousin Troy" had the know how!
Jesus built a bridge to Heaven,
So that I could have a way up to Him
Jesus built a bridge the only way he could
With only three nails and two pieces of wood,
with one rugged cross, Jesus built a bridge.
Thank you Lord for your vision of the bridge!


Needled Mom said…
Wow....that is some great vision!!! It is really pretty, Val.
annie said…
love his vision!
loved all the wood, that top is just fabulous! don't often see those chairs without rockers on them, loved the way it all pulled together!
Angela said…
Just perfect Val. Love it when a dream becomes a reality. I am sure your family will treasure it forever.
Susannah said…
Hi Val...It is a lovely desk and the chair is so nice with it. Now you need something for all of you paperwork. JK. Hope all is well with you. It is still cold, windy and dark here. We need sun to dry out.

Have a beautiful and happy day full of joy!
What a fun project! blessings, marlene
Red Heart said…
What a great table. Hope all is well with you, Val. Happy Spring and soon, Happy Mother's Day.
Martha :-)