Farm Babies

We haven't got any animals yet but hopefully next year we will have chickens, goats & horses.  I also have plans to get a calf and raise it. We have done that before.
Great memories. "Sweet Hunter" said I can get anything I want except a pig or rabbits!
They are on my lists too!!! lol
I cannot wait! But for now.......

We have this one fat fluffy hummer that just sits and protects one of the feeders.
I am a member of a Hummingbird group on facebook so I posted pics to ask them if she
was sick or something. She can fly but mainly sits. After all the comments, I have learned that
she is a baby.  Her beak is short and she just doesn't know what to do yet. I am just so glad she is ok.
Today is the second day she has sat on this feeder all day.
Amazing what you can learn when you ask questions.
We have counted 11 at one time at the feeders!

This is a soft shell turtle that one of the Grandkids caught out of the river!
We heard that they taste really good!
Don't know if I will be finding out!

This is several of many of the dolls we found around the farm!
The lady that used to live there collected dolls along with many, many other things.
They left most of it and we are having to clean it all out.
We have sold a lot and of course I kept some of the things I love.

We have been so very excited about what all we are seeing on our trail cameras!
One thing we have been waiting to see is a little baby!!!
And here is Mom & baby!!!!
So cute!

And we have lots and lots of veges from our garden at the farm!
My freezer is in storage so I am having to borrow freezers to put my
stuff in!  I think I am going to can these beans tomorrow.
I have got 3- 5 gallon buckets of green beans from my first row!
I have 4 more rows to go!!!

This is something else we've been waiting to see on our trail cameras!
Today we counted 14 turkeys!
So excited!
This is our youngest grandson.
When we first got the farmhouse he stayed with us a couple of weeks
and this is where he chose to take his nap one afternoon.
Nothing like a swing on the farm!

This is an ultrasound of our new grandbaby that is due Sept. 4!
We are more than excited to welcome our 6th grandbaby into our world!
Isn't he beautiful?
He's already smiling!
We are so looking forward to this little baby joining us
at the farm!
Please keep mother and baby in your prayers!
If you haven't read about our journey with the farmhouse you can start by reading HERE!
I will say of the Lord, HE is my refuge and my fortress:
In HIM will I trust.
Psalm 91


Needled Mom said…
It all sounds wonderful, Val. Those 3D ultrasounds are amazing aren't they?
Patty Sumner said…
You sure do have lots of wildlife around the farm.. I am sure your hubby is making hunting plans already...The little hummer is adorable.. I can remember my Grandmother having so many hummers around her bee balm each Summer... I just do not see them like that anymore.. Your farmhouse is beautiful! I know you are going to make it even more beautiful. Blessings!
Susannah said…

Good to see things are coming right along on the farm. You must have found many goodies here and there if you have sold them already. You are so very blessed that a garden was planted before the place became yours. Now to reap the harvest. Our garden doubled this year. It is keeping 4 families full of vegetables this year...when you consider us, Tim and family,Kim and family and my sister and her family. It has been wonderful seeing them pack up their cars and suv's with veggies. Enjoy your new place, Val. It sounds like Heaven.

Anonymous said…
I'm loving all your lil' babies! But, I'm really looking forward to meeting that sweet angel coming in September! Excited!
Little Penpen said…
Those ventriloquist dolls are 'creepy cool'... love them!! The pic of your grandbaby in the swing is precious and I love the smiling one that is yet to be born! Great photo's of your new 'family' members around the farm... I 've never heard of a soft shell turtle before.
Kathy said…
I like the idea of trail cameras! I was wondering how you were able to get the picture of the deer in your previous post. I've been enjoying your progress on the farm posts.
Krista S said…
I love reading your posts! I wish I had the ability to garden. I just don't have the perseverance. It is a lot of hard work and I usually give up or run out of time before I see reap anything. I love you and can't wait to see pics of Baby Hall!
Karen said…
awesome pictures!! brother had one of those boy dolls@@.I think the Howdy Doody!! fun!! My Mom and Dad retired into making repro 1800 Porcelian Dolls that they poored, cleaned, painted and kilns and Mom dressed!!..she also made arms and legs for those with broken doll parts...they would have gotten a kick with your "find"!!...I can smell that tomato actually!!! :)