My Christmas Gift 2016

Pictures are not the greatest quality but there is a video also.
We went to visit the grandbabies on Christmas Day
and the girls gave me my gift that day.

When I opened this and saw
what it was I could not believe it.

I have blogged here since 2007!
When I opened this present
it was a book of my blog posts
& pictures from 2009!
Sweet Hunter didn't have his glasses on
but he finally figured out what it was.
Look at his sweet smile!

Yes, I cried!

The whole year of 2009 of my blog!
I never thought they could top
last years gift of the table runner.
If you missed that post you can see it HERE!
A special thank you to my girls!
They know me well.


The gift is just TOO TOO wonderful! Oh what a thoughtful and special gift to you. Love love love it.
xo c
Anonymous said…
Truly a perfect gift!
Little Penpen said…
What an awesome gift. My mom passed away a year ago and she had a blog. I should do that for myself using her blog. Do you know who made that for them?