Thursday, January 5, 2017

Looking Back

This is actually Christmas 2015!
I wanted to share this with you
because my next post
will be what my girls got me this year!

We usually wear pajamas at our family Christmas parties!

I had no idea what this gift was!
The basket was full but they
wanted me to open this one first!

Although I had took a break from blogging
here, I still put lots of pictures
on facebook on a page I do called
"Our Forever Farm."

You can tell by my face that I was more than surprised!

They had took pictures off my facebook page
of our farm and put them on a table runner!
It is amazingly beautiful!

We could not stop looking at it!
I didn't even realize they looked at my page!

I had never received a gift like this.
It meant more than they will ever know!

Honestly they will never know.
They gave me lots more but we couldn't stop looking at this.

Every picture had a story.
And HOME is where our story begins!

Don't even ask me what we were laughing at but
whatever it was, it was hilarious!
I have lots of favorite pictures
of  "us" and this is one of them!
Here is my table runner that the kids gave me!
This is a treasure!
I will cherish it forever!
Looking back to our
Christmas 2015!
Everyone family has a story.
Welcome to ours!
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Needled Mom said...

That was a great idea and a true treasure, I am sure.

Anonymous said...

That is such a thoughtful and unique gift. I have never seen anything like it but it is perfect for you. Stay safe and warm this weekend.