Our Baby Girl

Mandy Jane was born in 1982!
She was our last baby!
What an absolute joy she has been!

We already had 3 babies when she came along!
The day I went in to labor, we went to the doctor and
they sent us home to wait a little longer!
The only thing was, we had a farm about an hour away from the hospital!
So Sweet Hunter dropped me off at my Mom's house so he could run and feed our cows!
It being our fourth baby I was so worried he would not get back in time.
The weather was bad. It was icy and it was snowing!
Bless his heart.
He hurried.  By the time he came and picked me up
in our little Toyota Station wagon,
I was sitting on ready!
And I do mean ready!
Once we got to the hospital Mandy Jane was born in 2 hours!
When Mandy was a teenager,
she always thought we were old!
I wonder what she thinks now!
We have a lot of stories we could share about our baby!
For example:
*The time she got in her brothers tackle box and
got a fish hook in her mouth!
*We always tell her she can
thank her sister for her being here!
*Mandy Jane hates her baby pictures.
She says I used a bowl to cut her hair!

We always kid her saying that the cows had to be fed before she could be born.

We love you,
Mom & Dad


Alice Rigney said…
Such a joyous daughter! Always excitingand ready for anything! I live her so very much....My wondeful GRAND daughter!!!!
Needled Mom said…
Happy birthday to her.