A Beautiful Day

I spent most of  the day with my Mom!!!
Sweet Hunter had to go back to work so it was our day!

Whenever we can we get together and sew.
It's hard for me to do it in the Summer because of the garden,
but winter is my rest time.

My Mom is a great seamstress and quilter!
But today we had lunch and went to Hobby Lobby to
spend my gift card that she gave me for Christmas!
I mean.....really......what gift could be any better than that!

This is an apron we started last time we got together.
I thought we would work on that but I had bought fabric to
make me some Pajama pants so we cut those out.
Now I'm in the sewing mood!

Mom & I are best friends!
When we get together.....just the two of us,
we just have a ball!
I hope to have more days like this soon!
Thank you Mom!

And this is what was waiting on me when I got home!!!
To say they were excited to see me is an understatement.

I try to only leave the farm one day a week because
there is always so much work to do
when I get back and today was no different.
I got home around
3 this afternoon and worked until dark.
Today I added more hay to the coops and the runs.
We've had so much rain everything was sopping wet!

Lily is learning to ride in the Gator with me.
Even though she is a big dog, she's not even 10 weeks yet.
When I let her out all my chicken family decided it was
their turn to ride!!

The guineas were so happy to see me they flew up on the chicken coop
and sang me the most beautiful song!!!!
It went something like this.....
"Oh where oh where have you been,
We've missed you so!!!
Now give us our corn!!!!!"

The chickens were so happy to see me!
They love the cabbage leaves I give them!
This is "Rooster" & his gals!!!
It's so funny.
When there is something to eat he calls his girls over
and makes sure they eat before he does!
Well, today was a beautiful day but
tomorrow I have to get all the coops
prepared for the cold weather coming
this weekend!
A farmers work is never done!
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"I would rather be on my farm,
Than be emperor of the world."
George Washington


Susannah said…
A beautiful day to remember.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, you and your mom are lovely. It is great you are best friends with your mom. I love your dog, so cute. The chickens are cute too. Wonderful photos. Have a happy day and week ahead!
Needled Mom said…
A day well spent! Your mom is such a sweet and lovely lady.
I am SO GLAD and HAPPY that you are blogging again!!! I have missed your posts. And I'm happy to be blogging again too. I'll appreciate your adding my blog to your blog list when you have time too. Thanks for offering.
I love your Mom as if I'd actually met her IRL. You two are so precious and I'm glad to know you and count you as Friends. I am envious of your dedication to be productive. It's sometimes difficult for me to be productive as I tend to feel so lazy at times and I have to just do it! ha ha I love being productive though and the rewards of seeing a task done is such a good feeling.
Have a lovely day!
xo connie