Our Hearts....Our Grands!

This is "Huddy!"
He is 2 years old!
He's our youngest grandbaby!
He has a personality that you wouldn't believe.
He can carry on a conversation just like we do.
According to all the doctors, Huddy would not be normal
when he was born.
They really stressed our daughter & Son In Love out
during the whole pregnancy.
If you followed my blog for a while you will remember I asked
you to pray for him before he was born
Thank you for your prayers.
As you can see......He is perfect!!!!
He's more than perfect!!!
This is "Brudder!!
Y'all knew him when he was just a baby back
when I blogged more.
"Brudder" is in Pre K and he is 5 years old!
I love this picture of him.
He wanted some of my biscuits and jelly so
when I brought them to him he was a happy boy!
He plays baseball & basketball.
He is really growing but when he was small,
the doctors would tell our daughter that he was -10 percent on
their growth chart.
He was so little he didn't even make the chart.
But look at him now!!!!
We call him our Chunky Monkey!
This is "Little D!"
He was always on my blog too!
He is 8 years old.
He is in the 2nd grade.
He plays travel baseball & basketball.
He loves school.
He loves his family and friend deeply.
"Little D" hates change.
We went to Gatlinburg not to long ago and he
cried all the way there because
he didn't want to leave home and he
cried all the way home because
he didn't want to leave Gatlinburg.
In this picture he was in the hospital. 
Just a few weeks ago his appendix ruptured. 
The doctors told us how blessed he was
that they got him there in time.
He is doing great now thanks to many prayers.
This is "Brother!"
If you followed my blog in the past
you will remember him too.
He is 13 years old!
Yep a teenager!!!
"Brother" is in the 8th grade.
He loves to play baseball and is an awesome fast pitch pitcher.
He loves to help me do anything I am
doing from cleaning chicken coops to
cooking. It doesn't matter.
When he was 12 days old he developed Spinal Meningitis.
It scared us all to death. He was so little and so helpless.
He was in the hospital for a week.
But what a young man he has become.
We are so proud of  him!
This is our "Sweet Angel!"
Remember her?
She is 16 years old now and driving!
She's in the 11th grade!
She loves her family.
She is very very outgoing, loving, and happy!
Right now though she is sick.
A few years ago she got food poisoning and had to be hospitalized.
She has never got over that.
She has flair ups. Doctors can't figure it out.
Right now she is having a flair up.
Please remember her when you pray.
I have always told her she is my right hand!
She helps me with anything I need.
I know you remember our "Sweet Teen!"
Except she is not a teen anymore!
This girl is just amazing.
She is 21 years old now.
She started learning to make quilts when she was 12.
She has made several when she was very young.
She refinishes furniture and it is gorgeous.
When she was in High School she participated in a Dual-enrollment program that
enabled her to go to college at the same time she attended High School.
She finished her 2 year degree during that time.
Now she is currently working on her Masters degree.
When she was 3 years old she could quote Philippians 4:13 by heart.
On her graduation hat she painted that verse on her hat.
She has lived by that verse.
"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!"
Sweet Teen is an overcomer!!!
So now you are up to date on our Grandchildren.
As you can see we have 6 grands and they range in age
from 2 to 21 years old.
Proud does not even describe how we feel about them.
I say this all the time but its so true.


Needled Mom said…
It was so nice to see an update on all of the grandchildren - so blessed!
Anonymous said…
You are certainly blessed. I remember everyone but the youngest two (were born after we "lost" one another thru blogging). I enjoyed the updates on everyone and the pictures are precious.
Marie said…
Wonderful to catch up on the babies and watch them grow up. S glad your blogging again. Hugs, Marie
Krista S said…
I love it! Please don't stop.
Rose said…
I loved meeting your grands! We only have one and she is wonderful...
Hi Dear Friend Val - I'm happy that you have decided to update your blog and return to blogging. I see your posts on FB of course but I love reading your blog even more. Love you!