Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Update On Our Granddaughter

On February 13th Alyssa was admitted
to the hospital in Chattanooga Tenn.
She was so sick. We were there 8 days.
They tried to force her body to accept
pedialyte through the feeding tube but she couldn't do it.
There was pain that I cannot describe.
Bless her heart.
The closest thing to Brother telling his sister goodbye.
He doesn't understand but tries to act cool.

You are seeing pictures after her Mom had them take her off
all the drugs that were keeping her drugged up.
Although her Mom didn't want her to be in pain,
she wanted her to be aware of what was going on
to help us understand what all needed to be done.

This was the worst night to me.
They called me to come up there about midnight.
I hadn't been gone long.
By the time I got there, things had calmed down.
But it was a hard hard night.
I cannot describe with words what I walked in to see.
You probably remember Maranda, (Big Sis).
She's actually her aunt but Alyssa loves her like a Mom.
They are so close.

Long story short, her Mom and dad insisted on transferring
Alyssa to another hospital.
They had done their research and
determined that Cincinnati Children's Hospital
would be the best for Alyssa.
This is Alyssa's dad hugging me bye that night.
I was so sad to see them go but it's been the best thing for Alyssa.
We had been through a hard 8 days together.
There's honestly too much to tell.
It was indescribable.
This is "Sweet Teen" telling her sissy goodbye.
Aren't they sweet?
And here I am getting some love before she goes to Cincinatti.

So after being up night and day we knew that her Mom & Dad
could not drive. It was a 5 1/2 hour drive.
My "Sister In love" called and said
she was praying and she heard the
word flight. We had not thought of that,
so my daughter said she would
call and check flights.
Our Sister in Love said, "Let me make a couple of phone calls."
Next thing we knew there was a
private jet waiting to take them
to Cincinnati.

I will be honest. I looked for God that week in Chattanooga hospital.
I couldn't see HIM. I couldn't feel him.
Our daughter was asking...."Why?"
We all were.
But when this answer to prayer when the jet came through,
I saw God in a big way!
HE let me know everything was going to work out.
I knew HE had been there the whole time.
I have often heard it preached
about feeling like HE was not there
but I have never experienced it.
Now I know how that feels.
Right now, Alyssa is still in Cincinnati
but things are really looking up as
of today.
So far, we cannot say enough
about Cincinnati Childrens Hospital.
We are waiting on our miracle.
Keep praying.
If you would like to read her story....
click HERE!


Anonymous said...

Hi Val, So happy to read that you are pleased with the hospital in Cincinnati. We continue to pray for a miracle for Alyssa. Just remember the lyrics that I shared:
Leave it there, leave it there,
Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there;
If you trust and never doubt, He will surely bring you out—
Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there.

webbsway said...

Still Praying! Looking for the good answer! Sending love.

Karen said...

Bless You and your sweet family. You are in our prayers. I understand pain; I have been in pain since last February...2016....I know the overwhelming feeling of why? is ok to ask, God knows, He knew and will always be there, unfelt or not. He does not forsake. They can't figure out my mystery diagnosis. In a few fews I will get an epidural to block the pain and give anti=inflamatory medicine. Presently, a referal is in the plan to see a Neurologist who specializes in muscularskeletal problems. I can barely walk now,(you know how much I love to longarm quilts), no step up or down, have a walker and a faithful loving husband. We are retired nurses; this is the first experience like this for us as a "patient" may take time to get all your answers for your grandduaghter. Be patient. God is giving you a "pearl" in the end. Embrace the journey. Karen

Jeannie B. said...

I pray with you for your Granddaughter.

Little Penpen said...

I'm so happy Alyssa is getting the help she needs in Cincinnati. Praying for you all!!

Kathy said...

If love alone could cure, Alyssa would be well long ago. You have so much love in your family. I think about this young girl often and keep her in my prayers. I'm glad you sent her to a children's hospital.

Connie the Cootiebug said...

Your family is so precious and I'm so happy to read how much Alyssa has improved and has been released from the hospital. Wishing you all daily blessings as her fight to recover continues. <3