Update On Sweet Angel

Well, here we are in Cincinnati at the Childrens Hospital
wearing our "Prayers for Alyssa" T shirts,
getting to see Alyssa for the first time in
a couple of weeks.

She looked so good!
Between the feeding tube, the pic line, and all the prayers........
they saved her life!
We cannot say enough about this hospital!

Here she is with her baby cousin....Huddy!
She didn't think he was coming but we surprised her!

Here she is reading a card from one
of "Big Sis's" friends that had cancer
and is now a Miracle! 
The card was precious because after all this lady had been
through, she was encouraging Alyssa!

I think I told you last time that
when Alyssa was in Chattanooga,
I really lost my hope.
I knew the Lord was there.
I just couldn't see him or feel him.
But looking back there were lots of miracles everywhere.

She was so surprised to see all of her family!
It was good to see her smile.
Look at the beautiful gowns my Mom found her
online! She had to wear hospital gowns but wanted
them to be pretty.
I think Mom did good!

Every day my daughter had a different word or phrase.
I remember the saddest day was when she said she
asked God....WHY?
I tried hard to encourage her without letting her know
I was asking the same question.

People are amazing. This is a gift from someone that
doesn't even know Alyssa. I know them.
Matt & Latisha Winters gave her this gift and
I can't tell you how much this meant to Alyssa
and me. Latisha's Mom was a friend of mine and
she is in Heaven now so this was very special to me.
They gave her a tablet and spent
30.00 just to overnight it to her!
Other friends sent money. Lots sent cards.
I hate to even name names because I would forget someone.
Even blogging friends sent gifts of love.
Another friend sent her a huge box
of so many things I can't even name.
The special thing about this gift is my friend, Nancy Howell had
an aneurysm and was having surgery the next day after shipping this box to
This is the kind of person she is.
She always thinks of others.

She even sent my daughter and son in love special goodies
in the box.
She also gave them stamps and thank you cards.
So selfless.
Nancy came out of her surgery good.
I haven't got to see her yet.
But I hope to soon.

I cannot say enough about these two.
They never left her side.
They fought for her.
They went against doctors in Chattanooga
when they knew something was wrong.
Mom & Dad.
There is nobody like them.
I am so proud of them.
They are tired and worn out.
Please pray for them.
This one right here is also a fighter.
They got to bring her home last Thursday.
She was in two hospitals for almost a month.
She's been sick for 3 years but was able to tolerate it
until Christmas night.
She stopped eating.
After getting nutrition and pic line she looks like our
Alyssa is still not eating but is trying and
still has the feeding tube.
She wants to get better so bad and get back to life.
But for now we are so thankful just to have her here.
We are waiting on her next miracle
and we know it's coming.
Thank you all for your prayers.
Please don't stop.
She has a long road ahead of her but as one of my friends said,
"at least she's on the road!"

Albert Einstein once said......
There are only two ways to live your life:
As though nothing is a miracle,
or as though everything is a miracle!

If you would like to read her story you can go HERE!


granny j said…
This is wonderful news! I'm keeping the entire family in my prayers.
webbsway said…
O Val, she is such a beautiful angel! You guys are so blessed to have her. I keep her in my prayers . You guys hang tight. Sending love and prayers.
Rose said…
So glad to see this post...I have checked most every day...usually more than once. Will continue to pray.
Susannah said…
Alyssa is the star that shines so bright ....for the rest of the world to see ....and to encourage all of us! God bless your sweet young women. She is truly one of God's angels.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this update, Val. Praise the Lord for answered prayers. Alyssa is looking so pretty. We continue to pray for her.
Little Penpen said…
Bless her sweet heart! I do pray she can start eating again soon!
Jeannie B. said…
I am happy to see her smiling face and I hope she continues to improve.
Oh Val .. This is so wonderful.
Prayers and good wishes will continue.

All the best Jan
Anonymous said…
Val, Many of the blog friends who have been praying for Alyssa and I are wondering if you can give us an update or if there is a particular prayer request. Sending our love.
Carol Z said…
Prayers for Alyssa and all of your family.
eileeninmd said…
Hello, thanks for the update. I will continue my prayers for this sweet girl. Sending my good wishes.