A Rough Year

I couldn't believe it when I logged in
to my blog and saw that my last post
was in March.
I am sorry.
It has been a hard year.
To make a long story short,
our granddaughter is still very sick.
She is totally dependent on a feeding tube.
She is not eating or drinking.
As long as she gets her nutrition she is able to function
pretty normal but she's always in pain.
Gastroparesis is a hard thing.
It is basically a paralyzed stomach.
It is also called an "invisible illness."
You look fine but you are sick.

This is her senior year and after missing
most of last year she was
determined to go to school this year.
The weekend before school started her feeding tube broke.
She was admitted in to Cincinnati Childrens Hospital again.
After 2 attempts trying to place the feeding tube in,
the third time they had to
put her to sleep to accomplish this.
It is so traumatic.
I will be honest. This has been the hardest thing ever watching your granddaughter
suffer and you can't do anything about it except be there for her and the whole family.
We had a pretty good summer considering that Alyssa doesn't eat or drink.
She is attending school as much as she can.
The school has been wonderful and
they are working with her so
she has all the freedom she needs to come and go.
They said their main goal is for her to walk across the stage to
graduate at the end of the year.
The farm is growing by leaps and bounds.
In fact, I am selling some of my chickens.
Have you heard of  "Chicken Math?"
It happens before you know it.
You start with 12 and they turn in to 60!!!
Do any of you remember Triston?
I used to call her "Sweet Teen" on this blog.
Well, she is 22 years old.
She just graduated with her Masters and
she is teaching Fifth Grade Math!
We are so proud of her!
And Then there is Brett.
I called him "Brother" on my blog.
Last Sunday he got baptized.
What a happy day!
He's 14 and a freshman this year!
Here is our other grands!
They are growing so fast.
Davis is in the 2nd grade and
Asher just started kindergarten!
This is our youngest!
He is almost 3 years old!
He's a miracle baby.
Remember praying for him?
He keeps us hopping!
We are so blessed.
Well, that's a recap. We need prayers.
We are waiting on our miracle!
Trusting and believing!


Kathy said…
So happy to hear from you again. I have been wondering about Alyssa. God Bless you and your family. You have been through so much.
Little Penpen said…
You have a beautiful family! I'm still praying for Alyssa! LOL on the chicken math!
Jeannie B. said…
I am so sorry to hear about you difficult year. It is so hard to what someone you love suffer in any way. I pray that the doctors will continue to look for a way to help Alyssa.
Good to read an update from you...doesn't time just fly by these days...Your granddaughter is beautiful and I pray that things improve for her soon.
Mama Bear
eileeninmd said…
Hello, sending my prayers for your granddaughter. She is lovely. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!