A Special Day For Me

So to really understand how special this day was, you have to realize that I have been in my house except for 
the hospital and doctors for 8 months!
It's been a long time!
So my bloodwork was good and I had my last planned chemo behind me and I felt good!
So our daughter, Mandy came and got me and took me to our other daughter, Maranda's house to celebrate her birthday late. It felt good to actually get dressed up and get out!
Now, keep in mind, this day wasn't all about me but it was all about me!!!
Mandy planned it all. She got Marandas gifts from us all and just made this day so special.
We did miss our other daughter, Shannon though.
She had to work.
So Mandy even planned our lunch and it was so good!
It was croissants with barbecue turkey, cheese, lettuce & tomatoes! And the best pasta salad ever! 
And  the best cookies ever!
Did I tell you how special this was?
She made it look so easy!
She brought it all prepared!
I am very proud of my children!!!
There's the birthday girl!!!
It really was about her special day!
But I have the blog!!
Doesn't that look delicious?
It was delish!
Of course, I am eating like a horse
because of steroids!
Hopefully, about through with that!
Happy Birthday Maranda on my special day!
I ate every bite plus!!!
Thank you to Mandy for planning this!
Mandy told us that we need to do this once a month.
She said, if this trial has taught us anything it would be 
to do more together because life is short!
Maranda has taught me this...
Boy isn't that the truth?
I am more than thankful!!
Oh give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good:
for his mercy endureth forever.
Psalm 107:1