Happy 96th Birthday To Granny

I know that Granny will not see this post because she is not around a computer
so this is mostly for all of us.
Granny recieved this beautiful sewing machine cover from Allie!!
It is just beautiful. Granny said that she had never had one in her life and now she is blessed to have 2 of them. She just doesn't know what to think.
Thank you Allie.

These are all of the cards that I took her yesterday.
She is amazed at all of the cards.
These are the cards that I took her yesterday:
Jen from Canada
Midlife Mom from Maine
Michelle H. & her daughter Tyler from Virginia
Hazel B from Canada
Marlene from Arkansas
Cathy P from Michigan
Jocelyn from Florida
Danon R. from Indiana
Mildred from Ga.
Sammie R. from Alabama
Darla from Florida
If you have a blog and I did not link to it, let me know and I will.
Thank you to everyone for blessing Granny.
You need to enlarge this to read all of the little verses and sayings.
Granny loved it.

Her favorite was:

When this you see, please pray for me.

Allie said that this fabric screamed Granny to her. She was right, she loves it.

We read every one of them.

This box was full of fabric with a very sweet card from Susan C.

Granny loved it too. I am going to take it and cut it all up for her.
Thank you Susan.

This is Granny reading Susan's card. Susan recently lost the love of her life. She is going through a very hard time. I would like to ask you all to keep her in your prayers.

I shared this with Granny and she said she would pray for Susan.

Granny reading every word of the note that Hazel put in her card.

Granny was amazed at this card that Cathy P. sent her. Did you make it, Cathy?
It is beautiful.

This is just a few more of Grannys gifts that she has received so far. I went to check the post office box and it was full today. There is also a big box from Diane, Kim & Carolyn waiting for Granny to open. Tomorrow is Grannys Birthday and she is having a dinner with her family at a local restaurant. I probably will not be giving her anymore gifts and cards until next week. She will love it! I will tell her we are still celebrating her birthday. All of her children will be here for the dinner and she will have plenty of excitement so it will be Monday before I give the rest of the cards and gifts. I just cannot thank you all enough for all of these treasures.

You all have made Granny's birthday very very special.

Thank you is not enough.

The winner will be announced sometime next week. I thought I could get it done by Monday but it will probably be later in the week. Please forgive me for making you wait but I don't want to make any mistakes. Hopefully Granny will be the one to draw out the winners name.




96 Years Young

Oct. 24th

By the way, she made 2 quilts this week! Go Granny Go! She really likes her sewing machine. She says it sews so true and fast.


lani said…
Happy Birthday Granny I will think of you as I wrap myself in your delicious quilt...god bless your special day....lani
How wonderful! What a lovely machine cover Allie made. Everyone has been so kind and loving to Granny. She's such a special lady. Jocelyn
Happy Birthday to Granny! I hope she enjoys her day. All the cards she has received are so beautiful. God bless our Granny. :-)
Marie said…
Birthday Blessings to Granny,she is a true blessing of God. We are thinking of you to day . Hugs, Marie
Michelle said…
Happy Birthday to Granny! What a wonderful birthday she has had. This just goes to show how each one of us sharing just a little bit of love, can have such a big impact on someone else's life. Thank you Val, for allowing us to all be a part of Granny's birthday, and thank you for being such a sweet wonderful friend and granddaughter to Granny. God is smiling down on you and saying 'Well done, my good and faithful servant!' (Matthew 25:23).

I am so glad to hear that Granny loves her new machine. Sometimes, change IS good!

Give Granny a hug from all of us today when you see her, and have a wonderful weekend, yourself!
Enjoy God's blessings!
Amelia said…
Two wonderful women...you and Granny.

Again, I say thanks for sharing this tiime with us.
Alice Grace said…
Happy Birthday, Granny! Two quilts in one week? She is a miracle worker! ....the most amazing woman!
Pat said…
May God continue to bless your granny with health that allows her to maintain her activity level. She is truly an amazing inspiration to all! (And you are an exceptionally good and loving granddaughter...she is very lucky to have such a great family!!!)
Needled Mom said…
Happy, happy birthday to dear Granny!

As much as she has blessed you with her long life, you have certainly been a shining star in her life too, Val.

Please tell me that she doesn't have to blow out 96 candles!!!!
Darla said…
So cute. I wonder if Jhocelyn from Florida is my Jhocelyn? I taught her P.E. when she was in high school, she comes to our church from time to time and we exchange plants. She doesn't blog but enjoys reading them..
Anonymous said…


Hootin' Anni said…
Such a darling, darling post Granny!! And may I wish you a very happy birthday!!!
Karen said…
Happy Birthday to Granny! She is so sweet and you are to Valerie!!
cockermom said…
I am so glad to hear she likes the new sewing machine!
A very Happy Birthday to you Granny!
I cannot think of one thing I'd rather have than one of Granny's prayers for me. I know they go straight to the Source. Thank you, Granny. I'm glad you like the fabric and I hope this birthday is the best ever.
Susan C. @ Blackberry Creek.
grandmarockton said…
God has BLESSED all of us with GRANNY may HE keep her in the palm of His hand always. Thanks for sharing this GRANNY with the world if we'd all be just a little like her what a WONDERFUL WORLD we live in! GOD bless her family, who shares her spirit too!
Allie said…

The picture of you and Granny reading the fabric made me cry. I'm glad she likes it - she has blessed my socks off every time you post, Val.
Two quilts in one week - WOW.
I will add Susan to my prayer list.
Kim said…
Happy Birthday Granny! I feel so lucky to have gotten to know Granny and you too Val. Bless you both!
Happy Birthday Granny!! Val, have you recieved my card? I sent it out on monday.
Sherry said…
Happy Birthday Granny!! You are an inspiration to all of us!

Diane said…
You need to write an inspirational book about your granny and grandma. The stories and the pics are awesome. It is a great thing to have one special grandparent but to have had two, that is awesome. This is like a feel good blog! It makes me happy when I read it. I am glad granny had such a great birthday!
Love ya!
P.S. Granny is a celeb and don't even know it!
Grandma Ciffer said…
Yes, I did make the glitter card for Granny. So glad it made her smile.
Cathy P
PEA said…
Happy belated Birthday to Granny...having been gone all weekend, I didn't get a chance to come over to give her my best on here! I do hope she had a wonderful day, I'm sure she felt very blessed to have her family around her:-) It makes me smile every time I see a picture of her reading the cards and opening the gifts, she must feel like it's Christmas Day every day! hehe I just love her to bits...and you too:-) xoxo