Our Kitchen: AFTER

My kitchen sink
Looking in to the old dining room which is part of my kitchen now.
Excuse the plants that are in totes and laundry baskets. Haven't found a place for them yet!
Under the t.v., where the sewing cabinet is will eventually be a gas fireplace.
This is my other table on the other side of the kitchen. 
When I get all the chairs for the farm table I will be able to seat 12 people in my kitchen.
I LOVE this cabinet. It is in the rock and is huge.
It has lots of space for everthing!
This is my island.  Did I tell you that I did all the cabinets myself?
When I told Sweet Hunter that I wanted to do them, he of course said, no.
He was worried about my shoulder (got rotator cuff problems) but I wanted
to do them and I did!
Remember the oven unit was in the wall that we removed?
The old refrigerator was sitting where the oven is now.
Then we put the refrigerator right next to it.
I LOVE my refrigerator!
See my lights? I will show you close up pictures in another post.
A friend of mine had these in her house and she decided to sell them.
So guess what?  I got them!!!
See the little shelf on the right side? That is where the cabinets
were in the wall that we took out. Anyway, when they installed my granite,
it hung over about 3 or 4 inches and I didn't like it so I told my carpenter
about it and I came in one day and he had built these shelves. They were
perfect to finish it out.
The hardwood floor is all throughout the house.
I think it is beautiful.  My Sweet Hunter is a carpet salesman and
we don't have any carpet in our house!!!
Well, that is my kitchen for now.
I have lots more planned for it but so far I LOVE it!
If you missed the BEFORE pictures you can go Here!
Update on Mom:
We spent the day Monday getting all her pretesting for surgery
over with.  She has to be at the hospital at 5 a.m. and her first surgery
will be at 8 am. next Tuesday.  I will keep you all updated. Please continue to pray for her.
Her name is Alice.  Will you please call out her name in your prayers?
Thank you all!
A special thank you to my friend, Becky for posting a special post for me and Mom!
Click on her name and it will take you to her blog!
We have never met but have become the best of friends over the years.
2013 is gonna change that though. We already have made plans to meet!!!


RebeccaM said…
I think you will love the hardwood floors. If I were building my home again, I would have hardwood floors everywhere but bathrooms that would be used by children.
Krista said…
This looks awesome! You have such a good eye for things. I love the color of the cabinets. Do you have a pantry in this house? Your pantry in the old house was something I've dreamed about!!
gorgeous! Love the undermounted sink and if your refrigerator comes up missing, you can find it up here in the northland!
Praying for your Mom.
Holly said…
Your kitchen looks GREAT! I love it. You did a great job on the cabinets.
Granny said…
Your kitchen is gorgeous. You have such a flair for decorating. I love the hardwood floors. I hope to someday have all the carpet removed from our home.

I'm still saying prayers for your sweet Mother. Keep us updated about her surgery.
Becky Garrison said…
Val, I have said it before, and I am sure I will say it again, but you are my refinishing hero! I would never begin a project as big as refinishing the cabinets by myself, but you did, and you did an amazing job! And thank you for the shout out! Keeping you and your Mom in my prayers. Becky
Connie said…
You have done a wonderful job, every thing is beautiful, looks like a pics from a book. Have fun!!Prayer for your Mom.
It's a beautiful kitchen Val - I love the way your cabinets turned out. I have lifted your Mom up today asking for strength and healing and peace. blessings, marlene
It's a beautiful kitchen Val - I love the way your cabinets turned out. I have lifted your Mom up today asking for strength and healing and peace. blessings, marlene
I love your kitchen. Very elegant, but also homey. Keeping Alice in my prayers.
Allie said…
What an elegant but homey space, Val, I think you did a brilliant job! I really love the lights, too. I am praying for your mum, every night, please keep us posted on how she's doing!
caknitter said…
Wow,Val! You are incredible! You really need to do this professionally or you need your own show on TLC or HGTV. I love the way your kitchen turned out, especially the farm table. Gorgeous!
Mama Pea said…
Your new kitchen has such an open, airy look to it. Perfect for your large family!

Keeping your sweet mom (and you, too) in my thoughts and prayers. I know both of you will come through the surgeries with flying colors!
You have done an amazing job on your kitchen. It's beautiful!! Keep us posted about your Mom.
Karen said…
That island is NICE! You did a great job!
lindsey said…
Beautiful kitchen Valerie...I will be praying for your Mother
Cindy said…
I LOVE everything that you have done!!! It is absolutely beautiful Val! I can't wait to see it! Lifting Alice up in prayer! And of course, the family too and you wait! Love you much!
Patty Sumner said…
Val. I do not know how I missed this post. Love, love, love your new kitchen...You did a great job...I am so excited for you. Praying for your dear Mom. Blessing!
Anonymous said…
Your new kitchen is AMAZING Val!!! Wow...you do have vision to see what it could look like!

I'm glad your mom is doing better than expected. Keep us updated~

Love and prayers~