Update On Mom

Bless her little heart! She has been through it. They finally got her to walk down the hall about 60 ft. with the help of 2 techs & a walker yesterday. She was pitiful but once she was up she did pretty good. We were so proud of her!

Fast Forward to this morning! I walked in this morning and she had the best attitude and was so happy.  They were moving her to rehab!

Then they did an ultrasound of her legs and found 2 blood clots! She cried.  It is so scary. I cannot imagine what she felt.  So then they come and and tell us that they will be doing surgery to put a filter in to keep the clots from going to her lungs. They told us they would do surgery tonight.  Well, we waited and waited and finally someone came and said they changed their minds and they would be treating her with bed rest and blood thinners. The one thing that she doesn't need to do with the back surgeries she had is to lay but she has no choice!

Please Please keep her in your prayers!


lisa said…
(((HUGS))) Most definitely your mom is in my prayers, So are you for your strength and peace... Lisa
Susannah said…
Oh my goodness! Now why did that happen? Tell your Mom that I have been seriously praying and will continue to. I am praying for your whole family . This is hard on everyone but I know you all want to be with her as much as you can.

God bless you all,
Angela said…
Val, so sorry for your Mom.. Blood clots have always scared me. Mother had a filter put in when she was in her late 80's. Then when more clots appeared it wasn't quite so bad. The surgery wasn't bad at all and didn't take long. I am sure the doctors had a good reason for not doing the surgery. Maybe because of the two surgeries she has just had. Hoping and praying all will end well. She sure has had a rough go of it and I know you are worn out. Sending prayers and hugs your way.
Mama Pea said…
Be okay with this as they must feel the situation with the blood clots is not serious enough to subject her to another surgery to put in the filter. I'm betting she'll be back up again very soon. So many people are pulling for her! And you continue to be right by her side giving her so much strength.
Absolutely will keep your mom in our prayers. (I'm so glad that blogging makes it possible!)
caknitter said…
Oh Val, if it's not one thing it's another. On the bright side, at least they detected the clots. Can you imagine if they hadn't? oh boy. I think blood thinners are better for her, not sure if her body could take another surgery on top of all the others. The Lord is watching over your mom, for sure.
I'll keep praying for your mom and you and the family. xoxo
Holly said…
Bless her heart! Hoping things work out well and she will be in rehab soon. Thinking of you all.
Allie said…
Bless her heart is right - keeping her in prayer, sweetie!!
Connie said…
Prayer for her and the family.!