Granny- Grunt, Sigh and Whistle

This is one of my favorite visits with Granny!
This is a repost from October 28, 2008

 I went to visit my Granny again today. I wanted to stay longer than I usually do so I brought my quilt that I am trying to finish. As I have told you before, this quilt is 25 years old and still not finished. There is a story there and when I finish it, which will be soon, I will tell the story behind it. Anyway, I am removing all of the hand quilting that I have done and am doing it on the machine. Granny was impressed with it. I don't know why. If she could see good, she would see all of the imperfections. But thats ok. It is my first quilt and I am going to be proud of it. Anyway, enough about my quilt. Granny was working on one too. She thinks when someone comes to visit that she should stop sewing and talk to them. I told her lets both get to work. So she sewed and I ripped out my hand quilting. It is so quiet there. I was on the couch and she was at the sewing machine. She doesn't watch t.v., so there was no noise. As she worked, I noticed a pattern. As she sewed, there would be a GRUNT, then a SIGH, and end with a WHISTLE. Over and over again. It was so cute. She was concentrating so hard. I loved being with her today. My dad came in and brought her some pear preserves and I was telling him about the sounds she makes and he knew exactly what I was talking about. I always take pictures while I am there. It drives her crazy. It seems that I post about my granny a lot, but I love her so. She is precious! I wonder if I make sounds when I am working on a quilt? hhhhmmmm......


Patty Sumner said…
She was a special lady. You were truly blessed with a wonderful Granny. I am sure she is the Queen of the quilters circle in Heaven...What precious memories. Blessings!
Susannah said…
Nice post about your Granny on Palm Sunday. I am sure she is quilting away all the time. She was a very sweet and adorable Granny.

Good to see your Dad again. Is he still making quilts like Granny did?

Anonymous said…
Are you glad you went ahead and took those pictures anyways! LOL

I love the simplicity of her life and her sewing. Thanks again for reposting and sharing again!

Did you ever get that quilt finished that you needed to finish? ♥
You know Val, I almost feel as if she were my Granny too. I keep her quilt in my's my "security blanket" I guess. I always know that if I have car trouble i can keep warm with Granny's quilt. :). Blessings, Marlene