Monday, June 24, 2013

Thank You Prayer

My best friend Vicki is truly a miracle!
After being in ICU on a ventilator fighting for her life,
she was moved in a regular room!

Physical Therapy told me that I could take her on a ride
in the wheel chair for about 10 minutes. I took her and showed her
where we all were while she was in ICU. We also went to the chapel
where we prayed for her.
Then I  took her down to the "Garden of Hope"!

There were several plaques like this but I had to show you this one.
This verse is very special to me because of my Granny.
When I would go in to see Vicki, I would quote that verse to her hoping she could hear it.
I think she did!

Then as we were headed back to the room I saw the Chaplain.
I pointed and showed Vicki and told her about my "sweet hunter"
going to him and asking him to pray for her.
When we asked him to pray, he went straight to ICU!
As I was riding her in the wheel chair the chaplain
saw us and came over. The first thing he told her is how much better
she looked without all the tubes.
Then he asked her if he could pray a "thank you prayer" for her.
We were amazed that when he prayed he even remembered Vicki's name.
Vicki is now home.
She has a long recovery ahead but she is home
She is alive!!!
Thank you all for praying!!!
Please keep praying.
She is a miracle!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My best friend is still in the hospital but improving everyday. She had Legionnaires Pneumonia and septic shock.  She is a miracle and I want to thank you all for praying.  She has a long way to go but she's got a great attitude and she will do it. Her 83 year old daddy visited her today and he was singing to her and I videoed it. It is precious. 
Hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Getting Our Miracle

There's a MIRACLE in the making!!!
Please keep praying.
My Best Friend (she is the one in the blue shirt)  is off ventilator and feeding tube is out.
She has a long way to go but prayers are working.
What a testimony Vicki will have!!!
She is a miracle!
Thank you for your prayers
from all 4 of us!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Need A Miracle

I need your help!
Remember my best friend Vicki (on right)?
She needs a miracle!
I need you to pray!
Pray for her sweet family too.
She is as close to me as a sister ever could be.
We know each others thoughts before we think them.
This is one of our favorite pictures of us together.
Neither one of us can remember what we were laughing at in this picture!
We need a miracle!!!