Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Crazy Son In Law on Halloween Night!!!!

Today has been a good, peaceful day. I even got a little sewing done. We live out in the country so we don't have many trick or treaters except my grandchildren but tonight we had these 2 little cuties come by. Their family is very close friends of ours at our church. The night started out so nice and peaceful. I was so thrilled for them to come visit.
Then the night got even better. Mandy & Dusty brought "Little D" trick or treating! This is his very first Halloween ever. Is he not the cutest little Monkey ever?!?

Here he is opening his little trick or treat bag with some goodies in it.
He had a ball crawling around everywhere. He was all over the place.

I loved this picture because you can see the tail on his little costume!!!
He is growing so fast!

Happy First Halloween!

It started getting late and we were wondering where my other grandchildren were when we heard a knock at the door and found "Brother & Angel"!!!
Aren't they so cute??
We wondered where Shannon & Bryan were and then out popped this blonde hippie!!!!!
It was my daughter! She was wild looking!
Normally Shannon would not be dressed up so this surprised us all.
We were laughing so hard. (guess you would have to know her).
We asked where my "Son In Law", Bryan was and Shannon said he was home watching the game. We thought that was strange because he is usually right in the middle of fun! And then I walked in to my kitchen and saw something out of the corner of my eye crawling in my back door!!!!!!!!!! I screamed and screamed. Everyone was laughing but I never heard them. This "THING" came toward me with no face to hug me. I ran. Then I heard another scream and it was my daughter Maranda. The "Thing" was after her.

How would you like to see this thing crawling in your back door??
Don't worry, it was just my "crazy" son in law, Bryan!!!
Here is the family all together. They are missing the "teenager". She was at another Halloween party. I guess thats what happens as they get older.
My crazy son in law............. My heart was beating out of my chest. I am still shaking. He scared me to death. So much for a peaceful, calm night!!!
I loved it though after I figured it all out.

I think the "THING" (my crazy son in law) is in love with the Hippie Girl (my wild daughter)!!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Granny's Birthday Quilt Give Away Winner

This is Granny at her birthday dinner. I didn't get too stay long because I had so much going on that day but I did get to drop by. Isn't Granny beautiful?
These are just a few of the many cards that Granny received from all of you & her family & friends. Thank you so much for Blessing my little Granny.
Can you tell I love her so much?

Before you watch the video I would first like to apologize for how I look.
I look horrible! Oh well! Also, I apologize for talking so loud but Granny cannot hear well. Also, I would like to tell you that on the video you will hear me say that I know the winner. I do but only through blogging. My family or friends were not in the drawing even though they have purchased quilts. They chose not to be. Also you will hear Granny trying to tell me that she would give the quilt herself but I had already purchased one from her just for this. She is the sweetest thing. She is my hero!
There are so many that I would like to thank for helping me. There were several who suggested bloggers sending birthday cards to Granny. So many of you have blessed Granny by buying quilts from her. Martha ( )started this ball rolling by asking to buy the first quilt. Then Mary ( made the Granny Fan Button for me. All the gifts were amazing.
My best friend Vicki sacrificed her time to visit Granny so she made the video for me. Marlene ( ) wrote a beautiful post about Granny's quilts. (I will post this on the sidebar for you to read.) And now Granny is in a newsletter on line ( )
She is famous! What a blessing she is to all of us especially me.
I know I have left many of you out but all I can say is Thank you to everyone for being great friends & loving my little Granny!
Thank you to everyone but most of all
"Thank you Granny!"
And the winner is......

If the video doesn't work, just keep trying.
Congratulations to Kim @
This was fun and I thank you all!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Watch Granny Work While You Wait

I thought you would enjoy seeing Granny working on a baby quilt while you are waiting on the give away results. If you listen real close you can hear the Grunt, sigh, & whistle. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grandma & Granny Best Friends Forever

My Grandma

This is just one of the many quilts that me & my MOM saw at the Quilt show in Blairsville Ga.
I just loved it. It was the best day ever. I can't help but think of my Grandma (my Mom's Mother) when I see this quilt.
She did a quilt of different birds. It is beautiful. Mom has it now and treasures it.

Grandma passed away many years ago. I was real close to her too.
Me & Grandma shared the love of gardening.
I was named after Grandma.
When I was born my daddy was in the Navy and we moved to California.
Mom says that Grandma came and helped with me when I was still a baby.
Grandma always told me that I used to sleep with her when I was newborn.

Did I ever tell you that my Grandma (Mom's Mother) & my Granny (dad's Mother)
were best friends. You all hear about Granny a lot. I am so blessed to still have Granny with me.
I love spending time with her.

Grandma & Granny went to church together as long as I remember.
They always sat together. They worshipped together.
They were truly sisters in the Lord.

My Grandma:
I remember Wrigleys chewing gum.
I remember apple butter.
I remember beautiful plants.
I remember tomato & pepper plants.
I remember beets in her garden.
I remember her cherry tree.
I remember her homemade biscuits.
I remember her making delicious cakes at Christmas to make extra money.
I remember the laughing clown doll (which I have) that someone gave her.
I remember she didn't like our mini skirts.
I remember her cookie jar (which I have) with Nilla Vanilla Wafers always in it.
I remember her hair pins that she put her long hair up with.
I remember fresh sheets and pillow cases.
I remember her telling Randy to get a shotgun
after the boys that come wanting to date our daughters.
I remember her telling me to "wait."
I remember cleanliness.
I remember picking her up every week to go to the grocery store.
I remember church.
I remember banana pudding.
I remember S & H Green stamps.
I remember her ironing.
I remember Guideposts.
I remember her smell.
I remember simplicity.
I remember her heart.
I remember Grandma.
I miss her.

There is a difference between Grandma & Granny. Grandma is Mom's mother and has already gone home to be with the Lord. Granny is my dad's mother & still here and quilting away at 96 years old. But then in a way there are so many simularities between them. They both love the Lord. Their lives are great examples to me. I love them both so.

I love to think of Grandma. Sometimes Granny will talk about her with tears in her eyes. I have had my Grandma on my mind a lot this week so I guess that is why I shared a little about her. She was a special lady (just like my Mom) and I love her so and want to see her again one day when I go to heaven.

Granny & Grandma
I hope that I can leave good memories for my Grandchildren like both of my Grandmothers have for me.
I am blessed to know & to have known these Godly women.

I thought you all would enjoy seeing one of the many quilts that we saw at the Blairsville Quilt show while waiting on the winner of the give away to be announced. I am working on it. I promise. It is a big job. I am going to go to Granny's tomorrow and take the cards and gifts that I received in the mail last Friday for her. Then one day this week you will find out who the winner is. I am slow! I want to make sure that I do it right. You will know the winner of Granny's Quilt before Friday!!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy 96th Birthday To Granny

I know that Granny will not see this post because she is not around a computer
so this is mostly for all of us.
Granny recieved this beautiful sewing machine cover from Allie!!
It is just beautiful. Granny said that she had never had one in her life and now she is blessed to have 2 of them. She just doesn't know what to think.
Thank you Allie.

These are all of the cards that I took her yesterday.
She is amazed at all of the cards.
These are the cards that I took her yesterday:
Jen from Canada
Midlife Mom from Maine
Michelle H. & her daughter Tyler from Virginia
Hazel B from Canada
Marlene from Arkansas
Cathy P from Michigan
Jocelyn from Florida
Danon R. from Indiana
Mildred from Ga.
Sammie R. from Alabama
Darla from Florida
If you have a blog and I did not link to it, let me know and I will.
Thank you to everyone for blessing Granny.
You need to enlarge this to read all of the little verses and sayings.
Granny loved it.

Her favorite was:

When this you see, please pray for me.

Allie said that this fabric screamed Granny to her. She was right, she loves it.

We read every one of them.

This box was full of fabric with a very sweet card from Susan C.

Granny loved it too. I am going to take it and cut it all up for her.
Thank you Susan.

This is Granny reading Susan's card. Susan recently lost the love of her life. She is going through a very hard time. I would like to ask you all to keep her in your prayers.

I shared this with Granny and she said she would pray for Susan.

Granny reading every word of the note that Hazel put in her card.

Granny was amazed at this card that Cathy P. sent her. Did you make it, Cathy?
It is beautiful.

This is just a few more of Grannys gifts that she has received so far. I went to check the post office box and it was full today. There is also a big box from Diane, Kim & Carolyn waiting for Granny to open. Tomorrow is Grannys Birthday and she is having a dinner with her family at a local restaurant. I probably will not be giving her anymore gifts and cards until next week. She will love it! I will tell her we are still celebrating her birthday. All of her children will be here for the dinner and she will have plenty of excitement so it will be Monday before I give the rest of the cards and gifts. I just cannot thank you all enough for all of these treasures.

You all have made Granny's birthday very very special.

Thank you is not enough.

The winner will be announced sometime next week. I thought I could get it done by Monday but it will probably be later in the week. Please forgive me for making you wait but I don't want to make any mistakes. Hopefully Granny will be the one to draw out the winners name.




96 Years Young

Oct. 24th

By the way, she made 2 quilts this week! Go Granny Go! She really likes her sewing machine. She says it sews so true and fast.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Guess what Granny was doing today?

Yes you are right. Sitting at the sewing machine finishing a quilt top that she just started yesterday. The fire was going and she was sewing away. I took this picture before she even knew that I was there. She kept sewing until I told her that I had her some more surprises.

This is the back of a beautiful fabric card made by Sandy just for Granny.

Isn't this beautiful? This is the front of the fabric card. Granny was amazed. She was trying to figure out how this was made.

(I noticed on Sandy's blog tonight that her granddaughter has the swine flu. Please keep her in your prayers.)

Thank you Sandy!

Can you imagine someone sending cookies to Granny for her birthday?

Well Latane did just that. Her daughter has a bakery in her home and she had her bake these cookies just for Granny. Are these not just so pretty? They look like a picture.
She told me when they were shipped to go ahead and open them so they would not get stale.
So I opened them and just so happened one was broke!!
I thought to myself as I put the others in the container to take to Granny:
"Self," this cookie sure does look and smell good but it is broke so I talked myself into eating it!!!
It was delicious.

It is hard for me to remember which cards go with who because Granny has to read every word in every card and she keeps them close once she gets them. Here are a few of the ones I took her today. They are all so beautiful.

Granny cries (weeps) as she reads them.

These cards are from:

Allie (Allie has another surprise for Granny that I will be taking this week also.)

Amelia (Granny read every word)

Connie sent Granny a card with a folded & pressed hankerchief in it.

Sandra sent a precious card with a 10.00 bill in it. Granny was speechless.
The following cards did not have a blog listed on them.
Susannah O. sent a precious card to Granny.
Brenda D. also sent a sweet sweet card.
Angela from Indiana sent a beautiful card to Granny.
(If any of you have a blog just send me the link and I will add it here.)
She just loved seeing the cookies. She was amazed at how pretty they were.
Granny said they were too pretty to eat.........

But it didn't stop her.
She said, "Can I eat one now?" I told her that they were made just for her.
She really loved them.
Thank you for helping make Grannys birthday week great!

This is random pictures of Granny opening up her cards today. Weeping



I stood up to get this picture. It looks sideways.
She loved the colors on this one.
She told me these cards mean more to her than anything.
Anytime God is mentioned in a card she shivers and wipes a tear.
Every card she opened she always says how beautiful they are.
And then she asked me what state they are from.

Of course, I get the usual....

"Beth, How do you know all of these people?"
Little does she know that I don't know everyone but everyone knows Granny!

Granny is so amazed at all the gifts and cards she is receiving. I have many more that have been sent and I am just taking a few everyday. She is just the sweetest thing. She said today that she wishes she could write everyone a thank you card. I told her that everyone understands and that I would thank you all for her. I am taking more gifts over to her tomorrow. I want her to enjoy a few a day until her birthday. She is having a ball opening each card and reading every word. She says it is like a party everyday. Thank you all so much. She said she has never received so many cards.


Countdown: 3 more days until the give away is over!!!

I cannot tell you for sure when the winner will be announced but it will be by the following week.

Are you excited? I am.

I have a lot of work to do. My daughter is gonna help me sort out everything and make sure the right amt. of entries for each person goes in the box. Hopefully Granny will be the one that picks the winner if I can get her to understand what we are doing.

Monday, October 19, 2009

More Birthday Blessings For Granny!

My best friend Vicki sent this batting to Granny.
She sent some other gifts also but I want to wait
until she could be there to give them to her.
Granny was just thrilled to see this batting.
She had just ran out that very day.
Thank you so much.
This card is from Jenny in Singapore!
Granny did not know what to think.
So precious. Beautiful card.
I didn't see a blog mentioned on card
or I would have linked to it.
Thank you Jenny!
My best friend Vicki's 2 little grandaughters wanted a Granny quilt.
So they each bought one. Lauren made this sweet card to thank Granny
for the quilt.
Granny wept as she read this card knowing that it was from 2 little sisters.

When Granny opened this card from Lauren & Ashley she immediatley said,
"Look, its a quilt."
Thank you Lauren for making this special card for Granny.
She will treasure it.

This beautiful yellow fabric is from Sherry!
My daddy was there to help her open her cards & gifts.
Granny just loves it!
Thank you Sherry!
This beautiful card is from Liz. She made Granny a Flag Pin.
Oh it is so pretty!
Granny just could not get over it.
I didn't see where she has a blog on the card
but I wanted to say thank you
from Granny.
This little gift was filled with beautiful fabric.
It was the prettiest package but I didn't get a picture before she opened it.
This gift is from Michelle P.H. & her daughter Tyler.
Granny just loved the colorful fabric.
I think she wants to make a baby quilt out of this.
Thank you Michelle & Tyler.
I was waiting closer to Granny's birthday to bring her the gifts and cards you are sending.
I just realized that I better get on the ball since Saturday is her birthday. My hope is that I can get Granny to draw the name out of the box to see who is the winner on her actual birthday. It may be too hectic at her party so I may have to wait until the following week but we will soon know the winner! It will not be long. I will be posting more gifts and cards soon.
Thank you is not enough to all of you!!!