Friday, February 26, 2010

Thrift Store Finds & 500 Posts!!

When I saw this I just could not believe it. 1.50?? Wow.
I love what it says. Crosstitch. Do you think I could ever do this.
The year says 1983. Can you imagine doing all this work just for it to end up in a thrift store?
I bought these for my Mom. She has trouble with her wrists so I thought these might help.
I came home and put batteries in it and it works but just on a single layer of fabric.
Anyway, 1.00???? Its worth that!

I bought this for 1.00 to hang in our little hunting cabin!
Did I tell you that my hubby and his hunting buddy Rog loves their wives so much that they want us hunting with them............................I think they just want food when they come in from hunting! Ha!

My sweet hubby found this deal. I could not believe it.
He found the lamp without the shade for $2.50 and then he found the shade for 1.00!!!!
He even found the light bulb that fits it for 19 cents!!!
He did good! He wants to use this in our cabin.

Then I found this for 1.00. I didn't need it,
but I need to have this to remind me of what it says. Boy do I need reminding.
This is so true.
Can I request prayer again for me?
Have you ever had something in your life that you are waiting on the answer and it just seems like it never comes but yet there is nothing you can do about it. I just need strength to get through a trial.
Thank you all.

Well my hubby had the best deal of the day with the lamp until I heard a lady
talking on her cell phone and I heard her talking about 2 quilts that were just donated and how pretty that they were. My ears perked up and I was on the hunt to find these!
Well I found them alright!!! I grabbed them both. They are handmade, hand quilted. This is a twin size vintage quilt in great condition. I have already been offered double what I paid for it. Before I tell you what I paid you have got to see the one below.

Is this not gorgeous? Believe me the pictures do not do them justice. This one looks like a full size quilt. I paid 30.00 each for these!!! When I went to pay for them, the girl said that they had not been out but 5 minutes until I grabbed them. She said that they were meant for me! I think I found the best deal of the day now...........I still do love his lamp though. It will look great in our little cabin. Below is a close up picture of the quilt. I just love it.

Now for my surprise for you all!
I am proud to say that this is my 500th post. I would give anything if I could have all of my memories in this blog printed out just for me so when I am older I could look back on it and remember.
I started this blog because I asked my Mom to blog some of her memories for the family. She said she would if I would. I never ever thought that I would enjoy this journey like I have.
I have met so many sweet friends through this blog. I would not take anything for these friendships. I have many friends in my life but because we all get busy it seems to get in the way of time together as friends. I remember one time some relatives moved up on the hill from us. They used to live about an hour away and we made a point to visit but when they moved close to us--we knew they were there and they knew we were here. It changed. We never saw each other. That is kind of the way it is in real life friendships. We know each other are there but life gets in the way. So blogging has filled that void for me. I never ever thought that there would be so many that would care for me, laugh with me, cry with me, share with me, give to me, listen to me, encourage me, teach me, stand with me, & pray for me. I cannot say thank you enough. So here is my deal. I want to give back so this is how I want to do this. I want to give someone a hug. I want to do a Random Act of Kindness for someone. Don't think that I thought of this myself. I didn't. I saw this and experienced it on Lindas blog! I submitted my sister who had lost her husband last year and Linda is sending her a gift that she made from her heart. So precious. A gift of love.
So here are my rules:
If you know of or have a loved one that has been through a trial and needs a hug or encouragement, please submit their story to me in your comment. I would like to do something for someone that YOU care about. I don't need their names right now. I do need a way to contact you through email. You do not have to have a blog to participate in this but I love my blogging friends. I am not advertising this because I want this to be for my followers, visitors, commenters. If you have blessed Granny by purchasing a quilt and have only contacted me through email you are also eligible to submit a friend or loved one. I will be picking 3 people to do a random act of kindness for(if we have enough entries. I have no time limit on when this will be done because I am very slow. The gift may be bought or made by me. I just want to bless YOU through blessing someone you care about. This post will close on Monday. I will announce the winners sometime next week. I am going to ask my 3 daughters to look at the stories and pick 3 people for us to bless. Then when the gifts are sent out I will contact you and post about them here on my blog.
This is my way of saying thank you all for your friendship.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Staples,Thumb Tacks, or Tape???

Last year my sweet friend Connie made a ironing board out of a t.v. tray.
I thought this was the neatest thing. It can sit right next to your sewing machine and you can also travel with it easy. She was so sweet and sent me the ironing fabric for the top of it. Now this was last year and I am just now getting to making one.
Wonder if all this counts as Sew & Tell? I hope so.

I looked and looked for our big staple gun but couldn't find it. Then I looked for thumb tacks........couldn't find any. The only other thing I could think of was tape and it worked! I started out with Priority tape (shhhh!) but it didn't seem strong enough so I found my ebay tape. It may take me a while to get it done but when I decide to do something, I do matter what!!!

Thank you Connie! I love my little ironing board tray!
Remember this?
Embroidery For Dummies?

I am making progress! I love embroidery so far even though I have really only done 1 stitch. The satin stitch. After I get that done, I will do a back stitch and then I will know 2 stitches! Yay for me! I know it is not perfect but I am proud. Hopefully the next time you see it this will be finished.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gifts For Me, My Sister, Mom & Granny!

Lana Maturey sent all this to Granny.
She cut over 700 squares for Granny and labeled them telling how many is in each bag.
Granny was amazed. I was too.
She also put some extra fabric in there.
Can you see the little bar of soap?
It says Jesus Loves Me!
Then she sent her a sweet letter. Granny read every word outloud.
Thank you Lana!
What a Gift of Love!
Here she is looking at one of the bags of squares.
She was saying how she loved the colors.
Thank you for loving my little Granny!
Here Granny is reading a card from Susie Rhodes.
She purchased a quilt from Granny and should be receiving it any day now.
She trusted me to pick it out. I hope you love it!
Granny loved the card. Susie told her that she loved her spunk!
Granny got a kick out of that. And then she asked me what it meant!!
I told her that Susie and all of us love the "get up and go" in her.
She said, "well Beth(that is what she calls me), if you weren't selling my quilts, I would not have anything to get up for. She said she dreams about sewing her quilts and cannot wait to get up and start. I would say that is "spunk", wouldn't you?
Thank you Susie!

Becky sent all of this to me! Along with wanting to learn embroidery and quilting I have admired her card making for a long time. I want to learn how to do this soooo bad!!
So she sent me this to get me started. I could not believe what all was in this.
I am gonna get started on this soon!
Thank you Becky! Check out her blog by clicking on her name. You will love it!
This is my dad and my sister Karen back at Thanksgiving.
Last Saturday I was at my Moms visiting and seeing her new sewing machine.
My Dad was on his way to my sister Karens house and stopped by to show us the quilt he had made for her! Is he fast or what? I could not believe that he had it made it already. I talked to Karen on the phone and she LOVES it. She already had it on her bed.

This is my MOM showing the pin cushion that she received from Bobbi! She loves it!
Thank you Bobbi from me, my Mom, & Granny.

Is my Mom not gorgeous???

Then on Sunday (the day after Daddy delivered Karens quilt to her), he brought mine to me! Can you believe that? He got all of our quilts done within a week! I just love mine.
Me and Karen got one almost alike! Isn't that sweet for my daddy to make each one of his daughters a quilt? It means the world to us. You can tell he is my Granny's son, can't you???

All of these gifts of love mean the world to me. I also want to tell everyone that has been praying for me that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel your prayers and it has given me so much strength. That is a gift above all gifts. Thank you is not enough.

I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.

Phillipians 4:13

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today, Feb. 23, 2010 from my journal.
Outside my looks cloudy but the birds are singing so I know it is going to be a beautiful day!

I am thinking......................about my son.

I am thankful..........................that as I grow older, I realize what is really important in life.

I am P.J.'s but that will soon change.

I am remembering...................cloth diapers, clothes lines, one car, being invited out to eat a pizza and couldn't because of money, sacrificing "stuff" to stay home with my children. The simple memories.

I am work, to Granny's house, grocery store, eat lunch with my daughter Shannon, thrift stores, hair cut and then back home!

I am currently reading.................... The Prodigal by Beverly Lewis.
I am hoping......................for only "good things" today. I have my armor on! Ephesians 6:10-18

On my I need to be on my knees more in prayer.

Noticing that........................enough is enough!
I am creating.........................a little surprise to go with my baby quilt.

Pondering these words....................."This is the day which the Lord hath made, we will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24 Today is a gift.
From the Kitchen................Butter Beans, Fried Potatoes, Spinach & Cornbread.

Around the house...................Dusting and decluttering.

One of my favorite daughter Maranda telling me that she loves my blog!

I am wishing ....................that I could just make it all happen for everyone while realizing that they have to do it for themselves!

I am praying for............YOU!

From my picture journal..........

Red Velvet Cake
For the recipe visit my Cooking Blog!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Friday Night Sew In, OPAM, Fridays Fave Five, Sew & Tell

To start with, these projects were not all done on Friday night. They are all works in progress.

I actually had to work until about 8:30 that night and was tempted to come home and rest but I knew everyone was sewing and I sure wanted to be part of the party!

This is the block of the month from Lavender Lime Quilt store. This is the Feb. block.

Thank you to you all:

Bobbi and Heidi for hosting the Friday Night Sew Ins!

This shows you my January & Feb. block.

Does this look familiar? If you remember I made one like this for someone a few weeks ago. This shows it all basted with safety pins and ready for the machine.

I had a request to make another one so I wanted to change it up a little bit. This is for Martha!
We had emailed and she wanted a baby quilt and I wanted a scarf so we decided to do our own little swap. If you go to her blog, scroll down and you can see the scarf that she is knitting me. I am so very excited.

This is a picture showing me sewing the binding on. On the other baby quilt I made I had blue and white stars for the binding and a solid blue for the backing.

This shows the front of the quilt with the binding completely finished.

This is my very very favorite part! The backing! Isn't it cute?

I told Martha that I am not a pro but I sure had fun doing this one for her.
I will try to get this mailed this week. I am hoping there is gonna be a little surprise along with the quilt. I hope you like it Martha!

Many of you know that I have wanted to learn embroidery for a while now.
I have watched videos, read books, looked at blogs and just couldn't get it.
Two of my friends, Allie and Julie have really been encouraging me to learn this craft.
After seeing some beautiful work that Allie did the other day, I just emailed and asked her how did she learn all of it. She told me and then she suggested to go and find a childrens embroidery book. She said that they write those so you can understand it because they are not assuming that you know everything. I looked and looked and could not find one but as I was looking.................I found this!!!

It has my name on it! This is simply explained and I am so excited. It only teaches you 2 stitches - the back stitch and the satin stitch. I have a lot to learn but I have enjoyed what little I have done on this. I think this is my beginning! I sure can see why this is addicting.

Fridays Fave Five is hosted by Susanne!
Thank you Susanne for making us think of the little things.
Five Favorite Things this week:
1. A spring like day today. It was wonderful.
2. A Spend the night party with our Grands last night!
3. A quilt made "just for me" by Granny.
4. My blogging friends who I feel as if I know personally.
You all will never ever know what you mean to me.
5. Thankful to finally learn 2 stitches in embroidery! Its a start.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Gifts Of Love From Daddy & Granny

This picture of my sister Brenda and our dad was took this past Thanksgiving.
Having our Dad in our lives means a lot to our whole family.
This past Christmas I gave daddy an old Singer Sewing machine that I had purchased on ebay because I noticed that he had got interested in making quilts and used Grannys machine some.
Daddy found a cabinet to put the sewing machine in and he says he loves it which makes me very happy.
Here is dad's first quilt! He brought it to Grannys house to show us. Isn't it great?
I am so proud of him. Granny is so proud of him. But I bet I know someone that is really proud. Daddy asked me to mail this quilt to my sister, Brenda. She lives out of town and I heard that she was thrilled today when she received it. I know Daddy was happy when he told me about her getting it.
Here is Daddys quilt laying on Granny's bed. I kidded my daddy and told him that Brenda was his favorite daughter because she was the one who got the first quilt. He just laughed and said she asked for one first. He said that my baby sister Karen asked next so guess what............ she gets the next one which I heard is almost done! Daddy is gonna be like Granny- a quilting machine!
Anyway, I am next after Karen to get a "Daddy Quilt" and you will not believe this but the top to my quilt is already finished.
To be honest, I am so proud that my sisters get theirs first! It makes me happy!
I walked in after looking at Brendas quilt on Grannys bed and found Granny sewing away.
Imagine that?

She looked up at me and said, "I didn't know you would be here this soon.
I just have one more side to put on and I will be through."
Of course I told her to keep sewing. We all know that is what she loves to do.
She will stop for a few minutes sometimes and say she needs to fellowship with us but it doesn't last long. Before you know it she is back at the machine.

When Granny got finished with this quilt, she looked at me and said, "This is your quilt Beth."
Oh how happy I was. She has told me for a while that she wanted to do something for me because I sell her quilts for her. The thing that she doesn't realize is I don't sell her quilts.......She sells her quilts! I am just the messenger and the shipper!!! Anyway, after I got to looking closely at this quilt she made just for me I noticed that each scrap in this quilt is part of all the quilts she has made lately. I thought that was amazing. I came home and put this quilt on my bed. I just love it! To me, a quilt is a gift of love!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Me, My Mom, & Granny Gets Mail!

Look what me, my Mom, & Granny received in the mail from Bobbi!
Have you ever saw such cute pin cushions?
MOM, you get to pick one of these! Are you excited?

Of course, Granny got to pick first. I knew which one she would pick.

Is this not so cute?

The only pin cushion that I have saw at Granny's is on the wall in her bedroom.
It holds about 3 safety pins. When she received this one, she said I think I will leave this right here next to "brother". (That is what she is calling her sewing machine lately).

So look what she stuck in her pin cushion....................
her 1 important safety pin!!!!
Thank you so much Bobbi!


And I know when MOM sees this she will LOVE it too!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today: Feb.16, 2010 from my journal.

Outside my looks damp and cold.

I am thinking.....................of everything I have to do today.

I am thankful...............for today and how I am learning to embrace everyday as it is and as it comes.

I am jeans & red shirt.

I am remembering........................Spring time, open windows, my gardens, grands playing outside. (Sigh).

I am take pictures of 2 houses and get them listed today along with many more things.

I am currently reading................The Prodigal by Beverly Lewis.

I am hoping..................that my shoulder doesn't hurt today.

On my the project that I am working on.

Noticing that...................when Mom challenged me to do 30 minutes a day in my sewing room, that it does make me get things done. I see progress.
I am creating..........a baby quilt for a sweet friend and having way too much fun doing it!!!

Pondering these words....................HE has it all under control.

From The kitchen...............chicken, potatoes & carrots, green beans & homemade bread.

Around the is my bathroom cleaning day. How FUN is that???

One of my favorite things....................4 little grands!

I am wishing..................that everyone could be happy and content.

I am praying family.

From my picture journal...............I bought this massage chair several years ago for a fathers day present for my sweet hubby. Even though he has back problems, he never ever sits in it, but I DO!! Happy Fathers Day to me! I LOVE it. Ha!

To join in or just read the entries, go to

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Just Wonder....

I just wonder................
Why me?
I wonder how I was lucky enough to win this at my favorite Quilt store?
I LOVE it!

I just wonder..........
if Granny was thinking of Valentines day when she made this quilt.
See the little red hearts? I need to ask her.
This picture shows her measuring the quilt top as it lies on her bed.
Then she trims the batting and the backing to fit while it is there.

I just wonder..............
What she thought when I told her that this quilt was already sold to Bobbi! Granny had just finished this quilt the day before. I sent Bobbi a picture of this quilt and she fell in love with it.

I just wonder........
What Granny thinks when I bring her the money for the quilts and then I pack them in the boxes and show her where they are going.

** I have had many questions about people cutting Granny some fabric. One didn't have an email so I could respond so I will do it here.
What a blessing this is for Granny.
Granny's quilts are for a full size bed. She likes her squares to be approx. 4 1/2 inches. She measures her rows 20-22 across and around 24 long.
If you are blessing Granny by doing this just send me an email and I will give you the address to send it to.

I don't have the Post office Box anymore.**

I just wonder........
If we are really going to get more snow like they are saying.
Are you sending more snow Diane??

Bring it on! I LOVE Snow!

I just wonder..............
When I gave my sweet hubby this for Valentines day if he knew what it was? LOL
It is chocolate candy that I made just for him and it is suppose to look like it is in the shape of a heart. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is really delicious!
He seems to like how it taste!

I just wonder................Why my sweet honey & I have switched roles? I used to always get him a card and he always gave me something else. I always wanted a card. Now I never buy a card and I give him something more practical. He always buys a card now. Maybe that is an age thing. He will not let me open it until in the morning.

I just wonder.......................about a lot, but I do know one thing. I am so blessed to have all my Valentines in my life.

  • My sweet hubby
  • My 4 children
  • My 4 grandchildren
  • My 3 Son in laws
  • My Mom & Dad
  • My Mother in law
  • My Sisters
  • My Granny