Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Snippets From My Heart

First of all, I just have to show you my first embroidery!! Embroidery for dummies!!! That is really the name of it. I actually finished it.
Perfect, NO, but I did it and I am proud. Now what do I do with it? *Smile*
Snippets from my heart:
I have to tell you that as much as I love blogging, my heart has not been in it lately. I know that I need to get busy sewing and blogging because those things that I love help keep my hands busy in things besides working and makes it easier to deal with the journey that I am on. I need to pray more too - that is for sure. But you may notice that right now I will be giving you little snippets from my heart without telling you my whole story. That is not really necessary. I want to make a difference. Isn't that what we are here for? So bear with me as I share my heart for a few posts. This is for me but I hope that it will bless someone else too. That will make this trial a blessing. That would make a difference.
Happiness is like a butterfly,
The more that you chase it,
The more it may elude you,
But if you turn your attention to other things....
It will come and sit softly on your shoulder.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Burp Cloths, Bibs & A Card OPAM

I know you are all probably tired of seeing my burp cloths and bibs that I make but I just think they are so much fun.

My daughter Mandy asked me to make a set for a gift for her friend so I got busy.
This was a few weeks ago and I am just now showing you.

I am just a beginner but I love making them.

I have a Brother embroidery machine and I am learning how to use it.

Can you tell this gift was for a baby girl??

Do you remember when Becky sent me the package of card making goodies?
Well I took the bag to Mandy and she got busy and put together this sweet card.
Didn't Mandy do a great job? Becky had the lamb all cut out and Mandy added the extras.
Thank you Becky!
Mandy gave this card with her gift. She said everyone loved it.
The burp cloths and bibs are the last project that I have completed.
Life has stopped me from getting into my sewing room lately.
But I am planning on changing that!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Granny Just Keeps On Keeping On

Is this not the sweetest looking picture ever?

This quilt she is working on is gorgeous!
I yelled so Granny would hear me when I came in but she was concentrating on that sewing machine.
Finally she stopped the sewing machine and realized that I was there.

Granny always says she needs to stop sewing and "fellowship".

Sometimes I just tell her that its ok and tell her go ahead and sew but today I had received the sweetest card from Glenda for Granny!

Now Granny always reads every word of the cards she receives. It means a lot to her when she gets a card from someone. It makes her day. This card was really special. It had a picture of Glendas grandson covered up with a "Granny quilt" while reading a book. So sweet! Granny loved it! Thank you so much!
It wasn't long after that, that Granny was back at it.

I told her that she looked tired and needed to rest but she says she can rest on Sunday! I wish I had her energy!!!

I am sure that this quilt is already finished. She probably finished it that day I visited last week so this quilt is for sale if anyone is interested.


THANK YOU Granny asked me to put the camera down and help her roll this quilt, but then my daddy walked in and she told me that he can do it better than me!!! She is so funny!

When I went last week Granny had finished several quilts and I will put them on my sidebar.

She told me that I was getting behind selling her quilts! So if you want to see what Granny has in her quilt room for sale just take a look and let me know if you want one!! It made me feel good to see Granny. It is so peaceful in her little home. She doesn't let things bother her. She told me that when she gets up in the mornings that sometimes she is not sure if her legs are gonna get up and go. She said that she says out loud......Phil. 4:13 I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. She says it isalways in her heart. Granny just keeps on keeping on. What a blessing and an example she is to me!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Still Small Voice

This journey that I am on has took me a few days of the emotional part of this trial to see and hear that still small voice. I have not wanted to be around a crowd lately but my best friend Vicki called and said they were coming over. She has a friend that she asked to pray for our situation. She is an older lady and a Godly woman. Vicki said when she asked her to pray that there was such an awesome spirit there. Then her friend went to find something to send to me. So Vicki brought it over to me. It is a prayer cloth that was given to her a long time ago. She has carried it in her billfold for a long time.
Here is what it says inside:
Essie (that is her name) I long to meet your needs in a supernatural way. I want to bless you more than you can even imagine. Don't hold me back by limiting my ways to your ways. I can make a way where there is no way. Even as Paul sent forth Handkerchiefs, so my servant has sent you this handkerchierf in obedience to me, as an act of faith, that I will meet your need with a miracle. Release your faith now and believe my Word.
Essie, receive this word. I am standing in prayer with you.
Thank you Vicki and Ms. Essie for passing this to me.
It is a treasure and will remain in my purse until I receive my miracle.
A Still Small Voice?
Eddie (Vicki's husband) brought my sweet hubby a handmade turkey call.
Randy just loves it. That is all I have heard the last few days.

Isn't it gorgeous? It is cedar and walnut and you ought to hear it.
It made my hubby smile. Thank you Eddie.
A Still Small Voice?
I have been decluttering some things and ran across this sweet card.
I don't know where it came from. It was brand new and not signed but I noticed that on the back of it there was a cd and I noticed the words......Fear Not.
The music is beautiful but just look at the name of the songs:
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd
  • Fear thou Not
  • Cast Thy Burden
  • It Shall Not Come Nigh Thee
  • Blessed Are The Meek
  • I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
  • My Strength Is Made Perfect
  • Poor and Needy Seek Water
  • I, John
  • God Is Our Refuge
  • If God be for us
  • Comforted of God
  • Peace I Leave with You
  • I have loved thee
  • Not in Despair
  • For I Reckon
  • Who Shall separate us?
  • Therefore will I Deliver
  • Be Not Afraid

A Still Small Voice?

I went to Granny's one day and she told me that there was something on the table for me.
I went in there and found this from my cousin Nancy with a sweet note.
It is the most peaceful piano music. I received this on a day when tears filled my eyes many times. It helped me so much.
It is called "My Saviours Love".
The title tells it all.
A Still Small Voice?

Today I was at the grocery store. I never look at the books while there but right out in the aisle was this book. It just jumped out at me. I have only read a little bit but so far it has helped me more than you will ever know. I have not shown the whole title because it will tell my story and I don't want to do that publicly at this time. There probably will come that time but this is not it. I have shared with several of you what I am going through if you have emailed. I needed your prayers and strength. It is amazing how many cards and emails that I have received from you all. And of course, all of my blogging friends, my husband, my children and son in laws, my Mom, my Dad, my mother in law, my sisters and of course Granny. I can't say thank you enough for all of the prayers. But I have to tell you that there are 3 special people that have walked through this fire with me and for me. I don't know what I would do without them. They have went the extra mile. You know who you are. I could not do this alone. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. My journey in this trial is not over but is quiet right now. I have been weak, but I know HE is strong. Please continue to pray for my family.
A Still Small Voice?
I am amazed.
Thank you.
I will be posting about Granny tomorrow. I know you all miss her!!!
There is another Still Small Voice.

Listen.......Can you hear HIS Still Small Voice?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blogging Break

Please keep me and my family in your prayers. I have an unspoken request. I will be taking a blogging break for a couple of days. I appreciate your emails and love getting them. I will be back on sooner than you think!! When you pray, remember us.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today March 16, 2010 from my journal:

Outside my window........... it is dark. I don't like the time change right now, do you? When it warms up, I will probably love having more day to work in the garden but for now, I don't like it. I went to Granny's yesterday and she asked me why they just don't leave it alone. I agree.

I am much fun it was to wake up at 5 A.M. this morning and go to the Waffle House with my sweet honey.

I am thankful.........for the freedom we have.

I am wearing.........Brown Jogging Suit

I am remembering..........when I could sleep a whole night without waking.

I am work.

I am currently reading.........emails!!!!

I am hoping............for a peaceful day.

On my mind...........The story of Lazarus and the rich man. (Luke 16:19-31)

Noticing that...........I need to keep my focus.

I am creating...........another baby quilt. My sweet honey asked me to make one for a customer who has had a baby. I took that as a great compliment from him.

Pondering these words............We have victory In Jesus! (words from my friend Julie-we have never met in "real life" but are such great friends. She encourages me everyday.)

From The kitchen.............Taco Soup

Around the house.............Needs a little TLC.

One of my favorite things............being spontaneous.

I am wishing.............for us to get our hunting cabin livable!!

I am praying for...........good choices.

From my picture journal...............This is where we found our youngest grand when we went to visit him the other day!! So sweet!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweet & Innocent Grandchildren????

This is pictures of 3 of my grandchildren playing in that last snow we had about 3 weeks ago.
They were working so hard to build a snowman.

In between the snowball fights!

Look at this little cutie! He looks so cold!

And look what my sweet innocent grandchildren made..............
An obscene Snowlady!!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Acts Of Kindness Winners

Because I never have been able to think of things on my own, I wanted to share the reason that I wanted to do a "Random Act Of Kindness". A few weeks ago Linda wanted to do something for someone that needed a "hug". I commented on that post and nominated my sister Brenda to be a recipient of Linda's Random Acts of Kindness. I was amazed that someone would do this for someone that they didn't even know. My sister had lost her husband and was having a very tough time handling everything. I shared her story and Brenda won! She received this gift shown above made my Linda. I just thought this was so awesome and a true gift from the heart. My sister received it and just loves it. Isn't it beautiful? But as beautiful as it is (and I could never make anything to compare) I thought the thought of giving this was so special and that is why I am doing this. I want to pass this random act of kindness on.
I asked my 3 adult daughters to pick the winners of this RAK. They took this very serious. They never cease to amaze me. The stories we read about were so sad. It really made us all thankful. I received an email this morning from Cathy and at the bottom of her email it says:
Good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help another person up.
Phillipians 1:6
I loved this and that is what I want to do so through this RAK, I hope to lift someone up.
The stories touched our hearts.
O.K. here goes:
I will post the comments of the people who nominated the winners below.
The winners are:
My daughter Mandy picked..........
GLENDA said: I would like to nominate my daughter. Two and half years ago she gave birth to a beautiful little girl. As the months unfolded, we discovered the baby was severely disabled. My daughter has been a beautiful example to all around her as she's handled her grief and cared for this precious little child. Each day is filled with siezures, tube feedings, and doctor visits, yet Mendy handles it all with grace, through her strong faith in the Lord. is her daughters web site.
My daughter Maranda picked.........
LORI said: I would like to nominate my sister. My sister, Pam, had breast cancer in 2000 and has been in remission since until last week. Her cancer is back. We aren't sure to what extent yet. She has a CAT and bone scan next Friday and gets the results on the 15th.
On of the sad part of all of this, is Pam never married so outside of calling my other sister or myself, she goes home to an empty house to deal with all of this alone. I couldn't have imagined getting my cancer diagnosis and not having my husband to go home to.

My daughter Shannon picked..........

AmyW said: I'd like to nominate Krista. She found out right before Christmas that she has breast cancer. She is currently recovering from a double mastectomy and starts chemo this Tuesday. She is the mother of three kids (the same ages as mine), the wife of our youth minister, and a special education teacher (we teach at the same school).
A couple of years ago, she watched a very close friend of hers die of brain cancer. Krista was such a prayer warrior for the young mother. Unfortunately, she passed away and left behind a two year old daughter. Then about a year later, her own mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Krista brought her mother home to live with her. Within a year or so, her mom was gone. Throughout her diagnosis, she has been in good spirits and is constantly blessing others. She is fighting cancer with every ounce of her being while holding on tight to God's daily provisions. She and her family are so precious to us. We've served alongside of them on mission trips and we've watched our kids grow up together. I want her to live to see her great-grandchildren! She and I have made a secret goal that she will be well enough to return to New Orleans on this summer's youth mission trip. (It's a secret because her husband would freak out if he knew she was planning to return to New Orleans so soon after her last chemo treatment) Her blog address is
I love this gal to pieces!!

As my family is dealing with a trial, reading these comments and having the goal to bless someone has helped me more than you will ever know. The Lord just knows what to do at the right time. Amazing. Thank you to everyone who left comments. I would love to send a card of encouragement to all of the ones who didn't win. Please send me their addresses if you would like for me to do this. It would be my honor. Now for the winners, please know that there is not a time limit on sending these gifts. It may take me a while to find the perfect gift for your loved one. I will let you know when I have it ready to send. I will also need their names and addresses. Thank you for letting me do this. You all have blessed my heart.

Lord Jesus, I pray for each and everyone of these people. I pray for the ones who nominated someone and I pray for the nominees. I also pray for my family. You already know all of our stories. I pray for peace and strength to get us all through. I pray for health. I pray for miracles. I thank you for letting me see others who are hurting and dealing with things that I don't know anything about. Thank you Lord for all my blogging friends. I just praise you and thank you for all your blessings and even all of the trials. Jesus, please help us all to reach up for the next rung on the ladder. Help us to keep on going even when we don't feel like it. Please give us a home in heaven when you are through with us. Amen.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For today, March 10, 2010 from my journal:

Outside my is dark as I write this because I almost forgot the daybook this week so I am writing this tonight.

I am thinking.................about our Bible Study tonight at Church. We have been studying how "God Provides" and tonight was the last of the series. We watched a film about how God provided HIS own begotten son just for me and just for you. Thank you Lord.

I am thankful................ because I am very busy with work.

I am P.J.'s.

I am remembering...................a sweet phone call this morning from my best friend, Vicki.

I am bed.

I am currently reading.......................nothing!

I am hoping.......................for the desires of my heart.
On my mind....................there is power in praise and I need to praise more!

Noticing that....................No news is good news I hope.

I am creating................a baby gift for the friend of one of my daughters.

Pondering these words.................Be Still And Know That I Am God.

From the kitchen......................nothing today. We ate a late lunch out.

Around the house....................I need to pick up a little but it will just have to wait. It will still be there tomorrow. lol
One of my favorite things......................when my children are proud of me. My daughter Mandy told me today that I was really creative. It made me feel so good.

I am wishing.................for answered prayers.

I am praying family.

From my picture journal.................2 pictures this week!
This is a better picture of the kitchen at the Love Shack than the others that I took.
I love the archway between the kitchen and livingroom.

The last picture that I showed of the Love Shack was when it was snowing and before the deck was finished. Here is the final picture. The Love Shack is officially for sale now! Isn't it just a doll house?

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Mothers Know Just What To Do

I went to Mom's house just like I always do the first Sat. in the month so we can attend the Saturday Sampler at our quilt store. But when I got to my Moms house I had lots of surprises waiting for me there! It was so much fun to open it all.

Look at these potholders Mom made. If you would like to see the tutorial that she followed you can visit And Sew On! Go to her sidebar and you will see the tutorial. Don't you just love the fabric that Mom used?

Can you believe all this was in that bag? Look at all the fat quarters. Even that roll is fat quarters!
Oh Look at this! Moda Natures Notebook charm squares!
When we went to our quilt store I bought some fat quarters to match it.
I am just dreaming about what I will do with this.

This is an apron panel. Isn't it cute? It is reversible. Mom made one of these for Midlife Mom and I think Mom took my hint!!!! I can't wait to make it.

But this gift right here got me right in the heart!
It is a binder so that when we do a project we can print it out and keep it organized in this book.
But just look at the cover! It is the prayer that I have at the top of this blog and look at the picture.......Granny's sweet hands!

The very first page in this binder is a comment from my friend Julie which includes a prayer for me. I just love the way my Mom thinks. Is this special or what?? What a sweet thing to open my book to.

This is the second page in my book. This Too Shall Pass. My mom gave me this a long time ago and oh how I have used this poem in my trials. And it is true.....This Too Shall Pass.

My Sweet Mom saw this project for needlework and she included it in the binder with all of the instructions. When I saw it I told her it reminded me of us.....Me & Mom! She said she thought the same thing.

This is another project that she printed out for my book. I can't wait to try to make this.

This is our next big project. This is a tutorial for a Postage Stamp Quilt by Heidi that we are following. Well, Mom is already doing it but I am behind. I am planning on catching up though. I am excited about this project.

This is some fabric that my Mom gave me. It looks like leather but its not. She made the cutest purse with it. If you would look like to see the purse please visit Moms Blog!

Thank you Mom!

You always know just what to do!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

Granny made 3 Quilts This Week!

I went to visit Granny today. Yes, this is where I found her.
I brought her lunch (Dinner as she calls it) from Checkers.
Once in a while she likes to get a hamburger but not very often.
She always wants the same thing:
The dollar hamburger
Small French Fries
and an apple pie from Checkers. She eats half of it all and saves the rest for supper.
Did I tell you that she went to the doctor with her cold and she only weighs 93 lbs.?
He gave her some antibiotics and she is much better.
Granny made 3 quilts this week. She is unreal. She told me that she was so excited to get up this morning because she could not wait to get to work. I just think that is something. Granny worked in a mill for 49 years and she thinks of making quilts as her job especially since she is selling them now. I have sold several that haven't made it to my blog. Several people just are telling me to pick out one for them and they send a check and I mail it. My bank and the Post Office are wanting me to bring some by there for them to see. They need to just look at my blog!!! The quilt above is gorgeous. The fabrics and the sheet for the backing were all sent by bloggers. I will put these quilts on the sidebar for sale if you are interested.

Oh I love this scrappy one too!
For Sale: Granny Quilt

Granny made this one for a lady that sits with her at church.
Isn't that sweet?

I love this one too. Oh I just love them all.
This quilt is for sale also.
Granny would kill me if she knew that I snapped this picture.
After she eats "dinner" with her half cup of milk, she always gets a little glass with a little coke in it so she can swallow her pills. She definately has a routine.

As some of you know I am in the midst of a trial. Remember, we are always either going in to a trial, in the midst of a trial, or coming out of a trial. (I like the coming out the best.)
I have wondered if Granny would be able to hear me good if I were to talk to her about it.
I would love to hear her wisdom. I wanted to ask her to pray for me. There just wasn't the opportunity to share with her but then as I was leaving her house I noticed this on her refrigerator. I haven't saw this before at her house. It could have been hanging there for a long time but I just saw it today. I read it and thought to myself.......Thank you Lord.
I truly believe with all my heart that this message was just for me.
Answer to questions about paint at the Love Shack: We used Sherwin Williams paint. The color is Tony Taupe. We love it. It is on the outside and inside of the house. We use a glossy white for the trim paint. Thank you for all the compliments on the Love Shack. Now lets just hope it sells!
The 3 winners of the Random Acts of Kindness will be announced next week. Two of my daughters have picked their choices but one daughter asked if she could have the weekend to read them again. My daughters are so honored to do this. That post just proves that we all know someone that has a story. We all go through trials. We all deal with what we are dealt the best way we can. Reading those comments on that post really makes you stop and think and be thankful. If you haven't read them just scroll down to where it says Thrift Store Finds and 500 posts! (Feb. 26th post).